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About Hair

>Cap Size Details

1. The hair must be all pined up and lying flat in the same way of how you would get your hair prepared underneath the wig before measuring.

2. Use a tape measure to measure while keeping it flat but don’t stretch the tape when measuring.

3. Measure at least 3 times. Consistent measurements indicate the correct measurements.

4. The circumference of the Head:

The edge of the tape measure needs to follow the hairline around the head and nape of the neck.

5. From Forehead to Nape of Neck:

Measure from front hairline at center of forehead straight back over crown to center of hairline at nape of the neck.

>Hair Length Details

Use this chart as a simple guide for estimating the length of hair extensions and wigs. Keep in mind everyone’s head size, neck length, and height is different. Hair lengths are the lengths once the hair is in its stretched or flat ironed condition. We sell hair based off of the actual length of the hair, and not the shrinkage size. The hair is all measured from headband spin to hair end.


Please Note: If you are ordering a curly wig, the hair length can be drawn up approximately 2-3" from the curl depending on how tight it is. For waves, it can draw up approximately 1-2". Therefore, you may wish to order a little longer for curly or wavy textures to accommodate the drawing up of the hair and to achieve the full length desired.

>Hair Density

Wig Density is defined as how thick or thin the hair on your lace wig will be. The standard and most popular choice is 150% which is Medium/Thick Density.

130 % This is a realistic looking density; it is not too thick, not too thin. It is a “normal” density. This is our stock density option. The hairline is ventilated with a light density then it fades to a slight thicker density throughout for a natural look and appearance.

150% (Medium) A nice density for ladies who want their hair to look natural with a little added fullness. A full style with a lot of bounce, body and flow. 

180% (Heavy) Intended for persons who desires full and voluminous hair look. This density is heavy and for persons who like a very full style. ( Good for longer lengths)

200%(Extra Heavy) This density is very heavy. It is usually ordered by ladies who want their hair to look extra glamorous its mostly used for theatre, costume wear and shows.  

Remember hair length also plays a very important part in selecting the correct hair density for your custom unit. 

For Example 12 inches with 150% density will not look the same as 24 inches with 150% density.  

Our Suggestions 

12" - 16" 130% - 150%  [ This is the range selected the on the higher side if you want more fullness / volume .]

18" - 22" 150% - 180%  [ This is the range selected the on the higher side if you want more fullness / volume.]

24" - 30"  180% - 200% [ This is the range selected the on the higher side if you want more fullness / volume.]

>Cap Struction

Cap Struction we are currently selling include:

1. Headband Wig:

😀High-quality soft fabric with virgin human hair.

2. Full Lace Wig:

😁The entire cap structure is made of lace.


3. Lace Front Wig:

😃The front part of the mesh cap is lace,mainly include 13*6 lace front wig and 13*4 lace front wig.

Ⅰ、13*6 Lace Front Wig-Lace size is 13*6 inch

Ⅱ、13*4 Lace Front Wig-Lace size is 13*4 inch


4. Lace Closure Wig:

😄Same definition with Lace front wig, different lace shape and size.

Ⅰ、4*4 Lace Closure Wig-Lace size is 4*4 inch

Ⅱ、5*5 Lace Closure Wig-Lace size is 5*5 inch

5. T Part Lace Front Wig:

😆The lace part is T-shaped.

Ⅰ、13*6 T Part Lace Wig

Ⅱ、13*4 T Part Lace Wig


6. U Part Wig:

😊U-part wigs, aka ¾ wigs, are hair extensions that are sewn on a U-shaped wig cap that features fine sheer mesh and clips underneath.

7. 360 Wig:

😉The lace part goes around the head, but the top part is not lace.

>Color Guide

Even though most customers choose natural color wigs, there are many ladies prefer different colors such as blonde, gray, two-tone color and ombre color, there is our color chart when you want to order a colored wig. There is slight color difference because of the rays when took the picture, thank you for your understanding.

>Hair Texture


Due to the different effects of specific products, shooting angles and light, the texture of a specific product is subject to the texture shown in the current product picture.



Silky Straight 

Kinky Straight


Yaki Straight



Body Wave


Natural Wave


Water Wave


Loose Wave


Loose Deep Wave


Deep Wave




Kinky Curly


Loose Curly


Deep Curly


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