Maintenance Plan

Starting from 2022 (construction has not yet been completed due to Covid-19, but please be assured that we will work to complete this task in the first half of the year), we have launched a life-long maintenance plan (for customers in the United States and Canada)

After a long period of use, customers can send the wig to our U.S. care center for professional maintenance.

Details are as follows:

Free service

1. Wig cleaning: remove deep dirt and give the wig a new look.

2. Hair regeneration: repair the hair's cuticle and give nutrition to restore the smoothness of the hair and maintain its toughness.

Charged service

1. Lace repair: Lace is the most vulnerable part of the lace wig. It is easy to damage and not easy to repair. If there is no other reasonable solution, Would you mind trying our lace repair service?



1. Please send us the demand email before shipment, and we need to register and send the address to you. Customers need to pay the mailing fee.

2. The charged service will be a low price. You need to send an email to communicate with us in advance. The technician will determine the repair plan and time and quote you.

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