Free Installation for Lace Frontal Wig and Hair Extension

*We are upgrading our business, and this free installation service is suspended during this period (we will open it again when the business integration is completed).

All customers who purchase wigs and extensions from our store can get the free installation service at our Atlanta studio.

Our professional hair stylists are installing wigs for our customers for free.

How to Book Free Installation?

1. Welcome to our store to order hair products and enjoy the service simultaneously.

2. Place orders from our website, and call us to book the service or book it from our website after receiving the package.

3. Setting our studio address as the shipping address, we will arrange the appointment and call you in advance after receiving the package.

Our studio address: 4016 Flowers Road, Suite #420, Doraville, GA 30360
Shipping name: your name.
Shipping phone: your phone.


Working Time: Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Lace front wig installations need about an hour, and hair extensions always take about 3 hours.

What Preparations Are Needed?

1. We don't offer washing services; please wash and dry your hair at home.
Washing hair before installation is essential for better adhesion and can help get a longer-lasting and natural look.
For hair extension installation, hair should be free of any product buildup, such as oils, hair sprays, or styling products. That will ensure hair extensions can be securely attached and not weighed down by excess product.

2. Please bring the complete package, including the accessories inside the box.

3. We have professional tools and will offer glue free (or you can bring your glue).


Each wig or human hair extension only has one chance to get a free installation service.


Yes, we only accept products from our website or store. We need to charge if you need to install other merchants' products.

Not necessarily; if you have used our hair products but have yet to accept our free installation service, you can contact us for the free installation service. But please make sure the product is in good condition.

Each hair product can get one free installation, but we will offer more free installation services if you order many hair products from us.

No, as long as you have time. For example, passing by our studio while traveling.

Yes, we can style it for you as your preference after installation.

Not currently, but maybe in the future.

Hair extensions can be re-adjusted for free one more, but human hair wigs don't have this service.

Choose Your Favorite Product to Enjoy an Extra Free Service!

Any Questions

Please feel free to contact us. We will reply as soon as possible.

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