Why Are Headband Wigs So Popular?

Why are headband wigs so popular?

Wearing a headband wig gives you the most natural-looking, makes you look beautiful and confident. Who would refuse to make yourself more beautiful? Let’s start an analysis from the following aspects:

What is a headband wig?

How to wear headband wigs?

What are the advantages of headband wigs?

How to choose the best headband wig with bangs for yourself?


What is a headband wig?

Just like its name, headband wigs are wigs made of human hair and headband attached, the hair is sewn on a soft wig cap, the headband is around the wig cap. You can also call it a no lace no glue wig because there is no lace in the headband wig and it uses combs and adjustable straps on the back of the cap for fixing. The unique headband design makes it very comfortable to wear.

How to wear headband wigs?

  1. Comb your wig to brush out all knots and tangles, be gentle and avoid damaging it during this process, you can spray a little water on the wig to make your wig fresh and shine.
  2. Comb your hair back in a row and wear a cap. You can use a brush to make the hair in front of you into some baby hairstyles.
  3. Put the wig directly on top of your head, adjust the tightness of the strap, make sure the comb is attached. Move the wig back a little bit and adjust the hairline of the wig and your hair to keep them consistent.
  4. Comb the wig and put on the headband, that’s all. A headband wig is a kind of great hairstyle for beginners, isn’t it?


What are the advantages of headband wigs?

   1. Easy to install

Just put it on your head, adjust the strap, fix the combs, no lace no glue needed, you can do that in seconds.

   2. Natural Hairline

Headband wigs allow you to show your natural hairline, just like wearing a headscarf while adding a trendy, youthful look.

   3. Affordable price

Our loose wave headband wig has a quite friendly price compared with a lace wig. Both of them are made of human hair, but in terms of price, headband wig human hair is more competitive.


How to choose the best headband wig with bangs for yourself?

  1. Get your size

Before you shop for any wigs, you need to figure out the size that suits you best. Most people are suitable to wear an average size, but some people are not within the matching range of that size. At this time, you need to measure your accurate head size, especially for newcomers who are buying for the first time, you must know your size.

  2. Filter according to your face shape

Once you get the right size, the next step is to consider which style suits your face shape. You should know the shape of your face and choose styles that will match your facial features.

  3. Choose the right color

Many products have a lot of colors to choose from, most people prefer to choose hair color close to their skin tone, if you are new to wigs or have no good idea about this, follow the herd mentality may be a good choice.

  4. The material of the wig is also a top priority

The material of wigs can be roughly divided into two categories: real human hair and synthetic hair. The price of a human hair wig is higher than a synthetic wig, because it is durable, high-quality, long-lasting, and can be bleached or permed while a synthetic wig couldn’t do that.

We kindly suggest you choose a human hair headband wig because it is a very cost-effective human hair wig product.

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