How to Care for a Human Hair Wig at Home

Human hair wigs are expensive but worth it. They are more bouncy and natural-looking than wigs made of synthetic fibers and require better maintenance for a longer lifespan because they are created from real hair. As everyday items, if every time goes to the hair salon to take care of human hair wigs is a waste of time and money, how should a human hair wig be cared for at home? You can learn the response in today's article.

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What are the Different Types of Wigs

First, we need to know the type of human hair wigs. Different types have different care methods.

According to the wig cap structure:

Lace wigs - Lace Front Wigs          Machine made wigsHeadband Wigs

                  - Full Lace Wigs                                                 - U/V Part Wigs

                  - Lace Closure Wigs                                          - Non Lace Wigs

                  - 360 Lace Wigs

                  - T Part Lace Wigs

According to the wig style:

Straight / Wave / Curly / Kinky Curly

According to the wig color:

Natural Black / Blond Color / Mix Color / Other Color

If I Have a Human Hair Wig, How Often Should I Wash It?

Just as self-growing hair needs washing, so do human hair wigs. But you don't have to follow a regular washing schedule, and the frequency should be based on how often you wear the wig. It's best to condition your wig at least every 8 to 10 wears. Besides, washing wigs can also limit their useful life, so please don't overwash your wigs. If it starts to feel dry or sticky, it may be time to condition it. 

how often should I wash my wigs

If I Have a New Human Hair Wig, Should I Wash it Before Wearing it?

We recommend that all wigs be washed and conditioned before wearing them. It's vital to remember that some wigs are stylists' temporary styles. To preserve the style and look, you can also aerosolize the wig with water and then dry the front and top with a hair dryer. Another option is a quick rinse and no shampoo or conditioner.

How to Remove a Lace Wig?

When wearing a lace wig, we use a lot of glue to make it strong, so what should we do when taking it off? Make sure you don't tear the wig off directly, as doing so can damage your scalp and hair and may tear your wig. The correct method is to use a cotton cloth and glue removal spray and gently wipe the glue on the skin. This will protect the lace from damage and prevent irritation and skin damage. 

how to remove your wigs

    How to Wash Human Hair Wigs

    You now understand how to take off a lace wig and how frequently to wash your wig. It's time to discover the five-step process for washing your wig.

    Step 1: Brush your wig

    Gently comb the ends of your human hair wig with a wide-toothed comb. If you have a wave or curly wig, it's best to detangle the knot with your fingers first, starting at the bottom and then working up to the roots when there are no knots until it is smooth and does not get stuck.

    brush your wigs

    Step 2:Wash your wig

    In the case of a lace wig, to protect the lace and prevent hair loss, remove as much glue and debris from the lace as possible before washing. You can use wig adhesive remover or gently brush it off with a wig brush. Put the wig under the faucet, use cold or warm water to soak it thoroughly, squeeze a little shampoo into your palm, from the root to the tip of the hair, stroke the hair, gently wash the wig, then rise your wig by holding under cool water until the water becomes clear. If your wig looks dirty, you can deep clean it by soaking it in water for a few minutes.

    wash your wigs

    Step 3:Condition 

    Use a hair conditioner that does not contain sulfuric acid, put it on the wig, gently comb it with your fingers, wait for 2 minutes, and rinse again with cold water until the water runs clear.  After the conditioner is thoroughly washed off, gently squeeze the excess water on your wig.


    Step 4:Dry 

    Place the washed wig onto a clean, soft, absorbent towel and pat it dry. Don't let your wig hang up while wet; the water's weight may stretch your wig and damage it. Put your hand inside the wig cap and use a hair dryer set to cold air to dry the wig. (be careful not to use hot air to dry your wig). If you don't want to dry your wig, you can air it on a dry towel or wig rack.

    dry your wigs

    Step 5: Styling and Maintaining the Wig

    Use a regular comb if the wig is straight or a wide-toothed comb if it is a wave. If you need, apply a detangling product. If a wig needs to be re-curled, curlers are safer because they do not require heat, and if you must use curlers, use a lower heat setting. Before using any heating tool to style the wig, spray some thermal protection spray first. It will lock moisture in the hair, isolate heat damage, and keep the wig from drying.
    When not wearing, please put your wig in a wig stand or a wig bag. If you put it in a wig bag, please place a paper filling in the net cap, and then carefully put it in a clean bag.


    wig stand

    Matters need attention:

    1. For best results, please use human hair wig shampoo.

    2. Do not wash your wig in hot water, as this can damage the hair's cuticle, and if the cuticle is damaged, the wig will become dry and brittle.

    3. Do not often use a hair dryer to dry the wig. Try to air dry it naturally. If you must dry it, please use cold air mode.

    4. If your wig is a lace wig, avoid the cap by using shampoo and hair conditioner to prevent the wig from falling off.

    Tools you'll need to care for your wig.

    1. Glue removal spray

    2. Wide-tooth comb

    3. Shampoo & Conditioner

    4. Dry towel

    5. Hair dryer

    6. Wig stand / Wig bag

    7. Thermal protection spray


    Can I sleep in a wig?

    You must want to go back to bed as soon as you can after a hard day. However, avoid sleeping with your wig on because it will tangle and be more difficult to disentangle. If your wig is a non-lace wig, it can be put on and off daily. If it's a lace wig, it needs to be glued on. To prevent your wig from tangling when you sleep, you can wear a wig sleep bonnet over your wig or braid it. 

    Can I wear a wig while swimming?

    We do not recommend wearing human hair wigs in chlorine swimming pools, as these chemicals can damage wigs and destroy the natural protective layer on the hair, causing it to dry out. In the case of colored wigs, they can also damage the color of wigs and affect the service life of human hair wigs. If you must wear a wig to swim, take it off after the swim and wash and condition it.

    Can I use a heating tool on my wig?

    Yes, like straighteners and curling irons, you can use them on your wig. But be sure to use a thermal spray before using any of these tools to protect your wig from damage and drying out.


    In short, the more careful and gentle we are with our wigs, the longer they will last. Hopefully, this article has cleared up all of your concerns and questions about how to clean and maintain your wig so that it stays flawless!

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