Torn Between the Headband Wig and the Lace Wig?

Are you interested in wearing wigs, but don’t know which kind to choose? Headband wigs and lace wigs are among the two most common types of wigs out there. They are both very popular; in fact, there are 5,820,000 headband wig-related videos and 4,380,000 lace wigs-related videos on YouTube.

Let’s learn about the differences between the two:

Pros and Cons of Headband Wigs


  • Easy to wear. It only takes a minute to put one on and start your day.
  • Because headband wigs don’t use glue, they won’t harm your hairline.
  • Since there is no lace on headband wigs, they require less effort to construct – making them much cheaper than lace wigs.
  • Headband wigs can be worn daily – even while being physically active.


  • The headband is always visible because of the wig’s construction, and there is no way to melt it into your hairline.
  • Headband wigs generally don’t have lace, so they can’t be parted.

Pros and Cons of Lace Wigs


  • Look more natural and can look just like your real hair.
  • Because of the lace construction, these wigs can be parted to allow for more unique styles.
  • Worn on formal occasions.


  • Constructed by hand, which makes them expensive.
  • Applied with glue, tape, or adhesive, damaging the hairline over time.
  • Installing a lace wig can be tedious, complicated, and time-consuming.

The Best Choice - Lace Headband Wigs

As you can see from the pros and cons listed above, there are significant differences between headband and lace wigs – most notably their price and installation process. You might be wondering if there is a type of wig that combines the advantages of both. You’re in luck! The new lace headband wig is an innovation in wigs and combines the best parts of headband and lace wigs.

  • Easy to wear and only takes seconds to install.
  • These wigs don’t require glue to install, so there is no risk of harming your hairline.
  • Moderately priced and affordable.
  • It can be parted, making it suitable for more occasions.

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