Youtuber is showing Ygwigs' bright rainbow colored wig
A youtuber showing off Ygwigs' rainbow wig
Youtuber is showing Ygwigs' bright rainbow colored wig-1
Bright Rainbow Colored Wig Glueless HD Lace Front Straight Highlights
Bright Rainbow Colored Wig Glueless HD Lace Front Straight Highlights
Bright Rainbow Colored Wig Glueless HD Lace Front Straight Highlights

Bright Rainbow Colored Wig Glueless HD Lace Front Straight Highlights

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Lace Frontal

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Storage Bag*1 Spandex Wig Cap*2
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If you need urgent processing, please contact us in time.

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Key Parameters 

Density-length-capsize are three important parameters of the wig, below we briefly explain how to trade-off.


The heavier the density of the wig, the more thickness the wig will be. Likewise, higher density will result in a fuller wig.

This is why we recommend a high-density for long hair wig (just a suggestion).

*If you need other densities, please contact us.

Hair Length:

Choose the appropriate length you like, our standard is the length from the top of the head to the end of the hair in a straightened state.

If you are not sure, please choose longer, shortening is much easier than extending, isn't it?

Ygwigs Hair Length Chart

Cap Size:

Cap size contains 6 sizes, Error within 0.5 inches is allowed. The circumference is the main size, if there are two or more different sizes, you need to provide us with all the sizes as the following chart, and we will customize the cap for you.

Tips: Medium is a regular size, Small and others need customization (Need extra 1-3 days, please contact us or note in the order).

Customized cap size will make the order into a custom order, refund requests other than quality problems are not accepted.

How to measure your wig size
# Item(in) S M
1 Circumference 21.5 22.5
2 Front To Nape 13.5 14.5
3 Side To Side 11 11.5
4 Ear To Ear 12 12.5
5 Temple To Temple 14 14.5
6 Nape Of Neck 5 5.5

Rainbow colored wigs are a combination of colors, each with its own emotional meaning:
Red: Passion, energy, excitement, and love.
Orange: Enthusiasm, creativity, warmth and joy.
Yellow: Happiness, optimism, wisdom and vitality.
Green: nature, growth, harmony, balance.
Blue: Tranquility, trust, loyalty and calm.
Purple: creativity, imagination, luxury and spirituality.
Combining all these colors in a wig can create a bold yet happy and playful vibe.
Wear it now to evoke confidence, express yourself, and showcase your unique personality!

Due to the high demand for this wig, our team works 24/7 to process and arrange orders on time while maintaining our stringent quality standards (additional seven working days are required).

Product Details:

Hair No.


Hair Type

100% Virgin Hair

Cap Size

Medium(22.5''), others can be customized; please note in the order

Product Video

Gurus Reviews:

Ashley Bedeck reviews a vibrant, rainbow-colored HD lace front wig from YGWIGS, detailing its installation, quality, and styling options.⏬
  • (00:00) Introduction of Ashley Bedeck and her new colorful wig from YG Wigs.
  • (00:32) Describes the wig, emphasizing its uniqueness and the beautiful lace frontal.
  • (01:04) Mentions details about the wig can be found in the description box and prepares to start the tutorial.
  • (01:34) Demonstrates the wig's high-quality hairline and installation process.
  • (02:35) Compliments the wig's resistance to heat damage and praises the hairline.
  • (04:20) Details the straightening process and how the wig passed the heat test.
  • (05:29) Discusses the baby hair design and how it adds to the wig's appearance.
  • (08:53) Highlights the packaging and additional items that came with the wig.
  • (10:02) Expresses her love for the new HD wig caps from YG Wigs, emphasizing their thin and seamless nature.
  • (10:32) Describes the wig's colorful blend and the idea to wear it pinned back for showcasing the highlights.
  • (11:33) Reflects on the choice of adding baby hair, noting it gives the wig a more natural appearance and defines the hairline.
  • (12:01) Encourages viewers to check out the product link in the description and mentions her other reviews with YG Wigs.

Onyebabyyy showcases a unique long black wig with colorful streaks from YG Wigs, highlighting its features and suitability for summer looks.⏬
  • (00:00) Introduction to YG Wigs' black straight wig with colorful streaks.
  • (01:04) Compares the normal and HD wig caps, showing the HD version's transparency.
  • (11:05) Recommends viewers to check out YG Wigs for the same hair.
  • (11:51) Reminds viewers to create their own happiness, mentions recent lash extensions causing eye irritation.

YG HD Swiss Lace Wigs:

HD Swiss Lace wigs are a high-end and new type of lace wigs suitable for all skin tones. They have multiple elastic adjustments and are very comfortable glueless wigs. Therefore, you can take it on and off whenever you want.

13*6/5*5 Lace frontal Large and deep, come with hairline pre-plucked, knots pre-bleached, fake scalp, and baby hair around. No plucking, no taping, no damage to your hairline, the lace melts in your skin and you can part it anyway as your preference, In other words, they are right out of the box.

  • Natural hairline and baby hair: It softly reduces the workload before wearing.
  • Super clear bleached knots: Ygwigs new upgrade, professional bleaching formula, smaller and more natural knots, but the roots are as strong as before. (Only high-end human hair can do this process).
Clear bleached knots Melts in the skin

Ordinary Lace VS HD Lace

Compared to Ordinary Lace, HD Lace is more advanced and has multiple benefits that blend well into the skin. The main difference between them is the thickness, ordinary lace thickness up to 0.28 mm while HD lace only 0.15mm ( thinning 54% ).

See a list with all HD swiss wigs.

New Upgraded Glueless Cap


13x6 Lace frontal

  1. Perfect Fit: The arc of the lace closure is formed by steam rotation and pressing, and it automatically fits the scalp.
  2. Enhanced Comfort: Widened elastic band provides superior elasticity and comfort with excellent grip to adjust hat size.
  3. Secure Attachment: The wide comb on the back ensures that the wig is firmly attached to the hair.
  4. Precise Adjustment: The tail end contains a small elastic adjustment strap, which can fine-tune the cap size and prevent the wig from lifting.

Glueless Hd Lace Wigs Others

We can provide maximum customization service, please note in the order form or send us an email to explain.

Fake Scalp (not included by default)

With this, you don't have to wear a wig cap, to do cornrows, to do bald cap, or fake scalp.

13*6 HD Glueless Lace Front Natural Human Hair Wave Fake Scalp Wigs Fake Scalp
13*6 HD Glueless Lace Front Natural Human Hair Wave Fake Scalp Wigs Fake Scalp
Extra fine overlay No wear no tear
13*6 HD Glueless Lace Front Natural Human Hair Wave Fake Scalp Wigs Fake Scalp Dark Brown
13*6 HD Glueless Lace Front Natural Human Hair Wave Fake Scalp Wigs Fake Scalp Light Brown
13*6 HD Glueless Lace Front Natural Human Hair Wave Fake Scalp Wigs Fake Scalp Beige
Dark Brown Light Brown Beige
There are three colors to choose from.

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