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      Full lace wigs feature hand-tied lace closures covering the entire head, without the use of wefts. They provide a natural appearance from all angles and are an essential element in making box braids wigs.
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      FAQs of Ygwigs Full Lace Wig

      How to Correctly Install a Full Lace Wig by Yourself?

      Difficult task, please read this guide before wearing it and watch related video tutorials on youtube.

      Putting on a full lace wig by yourself can be quite challenging for beginners. It's recommended to entrust this task to a professional hairstylist. However, if you really want to do it on your own, please carefully read the following steps and seek out video tutorials on YouTube to assist you in completing this task.

      Prepare Your Hair: If you have long hair, braid it or lay it flat against your scalp for a smooth base for the wig. For short hair, use a hair net to secure your hair. Since a full lace wig covers the entire head, it's essential to neatly arrange your hair for a flat fit.

      Wear a Hair Net: Regardless of hair length, wearing a hair net is recommended. Pull the net from your forehead to the back, covering all your hair, to help secure the wig in place.

      Test Wig Placement: Before gluing or securing, place the wig on your head and adjust it to the right position. Make sure the wig's front aligns with your natural hairline.

      Clean Your Skin: Before attaching the wig to your skin, clean your forehead with an alcohol pad to remove oils and dirt.

      Apply Wig Adhesive or Double-Sided Tape: Apply a thin layer of special wig adhesive along the lace edges of the wig or use double-sided tape.

      Place the Wig Precisely: Gently place the wig on your head, starting from the forehead, ensuring all edges are snug against your scalp.

      Adjust and Secure: After the wig adhesive dries a bit, gently press down the edges of the wig to ensure it firmly sticks to your skin. Use a comb and your fingers to adjust the wig so it's evenly distributed over your head.

      Trim the Lace: If necessary, trim any excess lace, but be careful not to cut into the hairline.

      Final Styling: Use suitable styling tools to style the wig, making it look more natural.

      Remember, everyone's head shape and preferences are different, so it might take some practice and adjustments to find the method that suits you best. If you find it challenging at first, consider seeking help from a professional hairstylist for proper guidance and advice.

      What is a Full Lace Wig?

      Incidentally, this explains why they are so expensive.

      Imagine owning a wig that not only fits your head perfectly but also offers an extremely natural appearance. This is the charm of a full lace wig. Unlike ordinary wigs, the base of a full lace wig is entirely made of lightweight lace material, covering the entire head. Every strand of hair on this wig is meticulously hand-tied to the lace net by skilled artisans, a process that is both intricate and time-consuming. It can take craftsmen weeks or even months to complete a single wig, reflecting their passion for craftsmanship and commitment to quality.

      This entirely handcrafted method gives full lace wigs a significant advantage in appearance. They not only look very natural but can also be styled in various ways according to your preferences, such as brushing, curling, or tying into a high ponytail, just like your own real hair. Whether it's for daily life activities like work and meetings, or special occasions like weddings or parties, full lace wigs are an excellent choice, providing you with a perfect look.

      Moreover, the lace base of the full lace wig offers excellent breathability, making it extremely comfortable to wear even during the hot summer months for extended periods. Although full lace wigs might be pricier than other types of wigs, given the complexity of their handcrafting, the high quality of the materials used, and their natural and realistic appearance, they are undoubtedly a worthwhile long-term investment. Full lace wigs not only enhance your appearance but also offer unparalleled comfort and confidence. This is the unique aspect of full lace wigs - they are not just wigs, but intricately crafted works of art.

      How Long Does a Full Lace Wig Typically Last?

      Longer than ordinary wigs.

      A full lace wig, with proper care and maintenance, can generally be used for 1 to 2 years. This actually extends beyond the typical lifespan of regular lace wigs. The longevity of full lace wigs isn't surprising, given their construction and quality.

      The process of making a full lace wig is complex and time-consuming, which necessitates the use of only the highest quality materials. Just as one wouldn't apply poor quality paint to a precious painting, we adhere to the same principle in wig making. Low quality hair is never used in such a delicate craft, ensuring the wig's durability and natural appearance.