Custom Made Wigs for Black Women

 Custom celebrity human hair wigs for black women are an excellent option for women seeking a wig that best suits their personal needs or sense of style. Whether you are experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy, hoping to wear a custom-made wig for alopecia, or merely seeking to transform your appearance with a high-end custom wig, custom-made human hair wigs can provide you with a much-needed solution.

What is a Custom Wig?

A custom wig is a unit or wig designed to fit your head. Unlike ready-made wigs, custom-made human hair wigs are created using your head’s measurements and facial shape. They allow for a more authentic presentation of you, unlike factory wigs, which can leave you looking “wiggy.” They are pleasingly comfortable and exceptionally durable with proper care.   

Benefits of Custom Wigs

We have hinted at a few of the benefits of wearing custom-made wigs already, but it is time to unveil a few additional reasons of why you might find this purchase to be a worthy investment.  


Custom-made wigs also translate into custom-fit for your head size. Traditional lace wigs have a predetermined capsize. This can mean wearing ill-fitting wigs or units too tight to allow for any comfort or extended wear. Custom-made wigs are handmade pieces crafted by experts who use your measurements to design a wig that complements you and provides an appropriate fit.  

Hair Texture Options

Next, custom-made wigs allow you to create a wig comprised of the hair texture of your choice. Hair texture is a critical detail in purchasing a wig for many of us. Some days we want to be curly. Other days, we may desire to fashion a bone-straight look. In some instances, we want to look like ourselves. Custom-made wigs allow you to select a hair texture that best suits your needs.

Custom Made Wigs for Black Women

HD Lace for Transparency

If you search for a wig that allows you to greet the world with a natural hairline, your stylist can craft a custom-made wig that contains HD Lace. HD lace frontal wigs are receiving a lot of praise these days because they create the illusion of a perfect hairline that complements your skin tone.  It is more transparent than standard lace. This lace is lighter, delicate, and soft to touch. This asset allows for multiple styling options, which is a plus for women seeking a custom wig that will permit versatile hairstyles.

Pre-plucked and Bleached Knots

Custom-made wigs allow you to acquire a pre-plucked natural hairline and bleached knots unit. A pre-plucked hairline and bleached knots provide a lace wig that gives the illusion of hair growing directly from the scalp.

Length, Density, Color, and Quality

Custom-made wigs are available in various lengths (12-26 inches), including bob or pixie cut styles, and may receive color treatments if you have a hair color preference. These wigs may cost more than your average off-the-shelf wig, but the quality of these wigs is well worth your coins. Your stylist can craft a wig that is as dense as you want it to be. Density can range anywhere from 130% to 250%. The higher your density percentage, the thicker your wig will be. The standard density for most wigs is 130%-150%. Celebrities or other performers sometimes opt for a higher wig density.

Custom Made Wigs for Black Women

How Much Does A Custom Wig Cost?

Custom-made wig prices can range from $100 to $4,00. Your cost will likely result from color options, texture, length, capsize, density, measurements, scalp options, and other specifications you may have for your wig. YG Wigs provides you with skilled wig craftsmen and high-quality virgin hair that delivers impressive celebrity custom wig styles at an affordable rate.

How Long Do Custom-Made Human Hair Wigs Last?

Custom-made wigs may last anywhere from 18 to 24 months. A few factors may affect the lifespan of your wig, including your wig care regimen, heat usage, color application, and other styling practices. Remember, your wig is human hair, and therefore, it is susceptible to damage without proper wig care techniques.  

In Closing

If you are looking for a fashionable method to conceal hair loss or just seeking to enhance your wig collection, custom-made wigs may be the perfect solution. These pieces of wearable art will make you look and feel fabulous. With so many options available, there is something for everyone! What are you waiting for? Purchase a custom-made wig today!

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