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A 13x4 lace wig features a lace frontal closure: that measures 13 inches across the forehead and 4 inches back towards the crown of the head.

Compared to the 5x5 lace closure wig, this wig has a longer hairline. Compared to the 13x6 lace frontal wig, it is more cost-effective despite sacrificing a deeper parting.

The traditional 13x4 lace wig is more protruding in 4x4 depth, while the 13x4 full lace wig is smoother and the lace area is larger.
Both have their own advantages, the traditional 13x4 lace wig will better fit the curvature of the forehead; the 13x4 full lace wig is more functional, and allows for greater freedom in choosing the parting location.

In Ygwigs, you don’t need to worry about this problem. The 13x4 full lace wigs on our website adopt the new glueless technology, which not only provides you with a larger lace area and stronger functionality, but also the lace frontal will fit the forehead better.

13x4 Full Lace Frontal Wigs Glueless Pre-plucked Affordable


      13x4 lace wigs are the same as 13x6, except that there is a limitation on the depth of the hair parting (4 inches), which can meet most needs but is affordable.
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