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Kinky Straight Hair Versus Yaki Straight Hair: What’s The Difference?
In many hair textures(1), yaki straight and kinky straight are popular among black women because they are closer to their natural hair. Although they appear similar from a distance, they differ significantly. We will discuss their differences and what makes...
What is Skunk Stripe Wigs? - The Perfect Combination of Style
This article explains in detail what is skunk stripe Wig, and its features of it, and why it will put you in the spotlight. Click for more.
What is a T Part Wig, and Who is Suitable to Wear It?
After reading this article, you will understand what a t part wig is and how to choose it correctly.
How to Keep Your Wig From Shedding & Embarrassing You
There are ways to prevent your wig from shedding and even minimize it once it starts. we're right here to inform you everything you need to know.
What is wig density?
Believe it or not, wig density that's only a number doesn't mean anything. But why is it widely used? Let's learn more about it!
What are lace headband wigs?
Lace headband wigs have improved upon headband wigs by adding a frontal lace part, they are new wig styles!
Torn Between the Headband Wig and the Lace Wig?
Headband wigs and lace wigs are among the two most common types of wigs out there, perhaps there is another option between them.
Headwraps and The Black Woman
Headwraps are essential to African American women. They have reclaimed the headwrap to showcase their beauty, strength, and individuality.