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The wig is very well constructed. Hairline flawless. Minimal shedding. Will buy again.

Thank you, honey, you are so gorgeous, thanks for the picture, looking forward to your next visit.

Reusable HD lace baby hair edges

I love it and can’t wait to try it on

Thanks, honey, now we have many other new styles, welcome to our website to check them.


So I used to be a hair viví person, but I have been converted.

Here is why

* better prices
* option for customization
* fake scalp
* band
*easy for people who don’t know how to slay. I don’t even glue my wigs :D
* 26 inches without breaking the bank
* hair quality bomb
* cap construction fire

I got a size small, and it still has a little room

I washed it with Aussie conditioner, and put got2b invisible hair gel and let it Air dry.
And put some concealer on the part, that is it.

I paid for it my damn self lol jealous of anyone getting free wigs out there :D lol

I wanted color but know when curly hair is colored, it will shed a bit more because our natural hair does the same thing when It is bleach.

Overall I will buy again from them!

Honey, thank you soooo much for the picture and video, and really appreciated for the positive feedback. You are sooooo gorgeous, looks like a movie star, looking forward to serve you soon.

Love It

Super cute hair. Ended up wearing it with a middle part but was very happy with it. 3rd wig from here and always impressed.

Specs: 14 inch & 180 density!

Such a gorgeous girl, really appreciated your support to us, looking forward to serve you soon.

Great buy

I got so many compliments guys definitely buy this unit it's so beautiful and looks natural 😍 💕

Soooo beautiful, really great, thanks for your positive feedback, we also have many other styles, welcome back to our ewbsite to check them.


The wig had a funny smell when it first arrived but other than that, 10/10. The quality is crazy!!! The hair lasts so long and its really thick and the color is really pretty too. I'ma purchase soon again I really recommend this wig!!

Amazing, you look so stunning! Thank you so much for the comment and picture. And welcome back to us again.

13*6 Fashion Cute Curly Pixie Bob-PB07
BEEEUUTIFUL and truly natural looking, love it

Best wig ever so soft!

Look so gorgeous! We are appreciate your positive feedback, and lookinf forwatd to serve you soon.

Bomb wig

The lace and hair is immaculate making my next purchase immediately!

Thanks for the stunning look, looking forward to serve you soon.

Great wig

I’m so glad that I came across YGwigs website and bought this unit. I love this headband wig!! I bought the 16 inch. I washed it upon first receiving it and the wave pattern is so cute! I received a black headband and 2 yellow hair clips with my order which I’m so appreciative of! The packaging was cute. I look forward to purchasing more wigs from this company!!

Looks gorgeous! Thanks for your pictures and the positive feedback. Looking forward to your next visit.

I love this wig

When I saw the review Jessica did on this with like 2 years ago I had to get it. And I LOVE IT. I pull it out during the hotter months. It can be work in a messy curly look and I’ve also worn it in a more sleek wavy look. I still love it 2 years later.

Sooo sexy and stunning, really appreciated your feedback 2 years later, and thanks for your support to YGwigs. Now we have many new style wigs, welcome back to our website to check them.

Love this unit

This unit is a must have and it’s brown girl friendly! The lace on this unit is super nice and looks like it’s coming from the scalp! Super affordable and will be purchasing other units !! YGwigs can do no wrong in my eyes!

That's wonderful! Thank you, Jessica, you are really so gorgeous. Looing forward to serve you soon.


I have to say..I was so nervous to try a colored wig but YG Wigs has really outdone themselves with this unit. From the dye job, to the hair quality - couldn’t have asked for better. The lace blends impeccably. I get so many compliments! Definitely have a life time customer! 😍🥰

You are so gorgeous, dear, reall y appreciated your positive feedback, looking forward to serve you soon.

Curly Headband Wig

Absolutely beautiful headband wig

Amazing! This wig really fits you perfectly! You look so gorgeous. Thanks a lot you like it.

Natural black bone straight lace hbw

And heeeeres another one! Love this 12” bone straight lace hbw. Lightweight, natural looking and ez to install. Threw some curls in her just for fun but looks cute straight too. Came with slightly tapered edges so nice for face framing. Highly recommend!

Another lace hbw hit!

Ok so I have several of these lace hbw’s now so am adding to my rotation! But I ended up getting 3 of this color (1 was accident but I’m not mad) cuz it’s so pretty! I have two 14” with 2 diff headband colors and 1 12” with black headband. I’m fact I had ordered wrong headband color but seller corrected so correspondence with seller was great! Hair cowashes well with minimal shedding. Naturally dries to beach waves! Styling is ez and holds soft curls well. Gonna try flexirod next!

The wave one is great, and it exudes a mature and sensual charm. Thank you so much, looking forward to your next visit.

20” curly lace hbw

Can’t say enough about these lace hbw’s. I love them and have several now. The hair quality on this curly unit is so soft! Co Washed well with minimal shedding. Cap size fits comfortable and I do love the surely fitting elastic headbands. Don’t think twice, just get u one!

Thank you so much, this one seems better on you, 10 years younger, seriously.

Bomb 💣 wig

My absolute favorite headband wig ever 🙌😍🥰🤩💕❤️💯

Really appreciated the video and picture, look so great and beautiful, thank you so much.
Looking forward to servce you soon.

Lace Headband Wig Curly-LH02
Brittney Robinson
Lace headband wig (curly)

The packaging was awesome 👏 I bought a 16inch curly lace headband wig. And I love it !!! It’s so perfect for work and on the go. I bought 2 other lace headband wigs for back up. One in curl y and one kinky straight! Love ❤️ It !!! Thank you 😊

Amazing! You look so great, fabulous and gorgeous! Really appreciated your feedback, looking forward to your next visit, we have many new styles now.

The Best!

I am extremely pleased with this headband wig! The packaging was absolutely wonderful, I loved all of the gifts that came with this unit. The Velcro is the best! The lace is perfect and the hair is soft I love it and so will you❤️

You looks great, beautiful, thank you so much, welcome back to us again.

Secure & light headband wig

Love these new lace headband wigs and this one does not disappoint! Cowashed well w/only a little shedding. Color is fun and curl pattern is natural. New elastic headband fits securely and parting space easily tints with spray or makeup. No bleaching, no glue, and no melting required so another A+ in my book!

Dear, you looks so gorgeous, really appreciated your feedback, looking forqard to serve you soon.

The best wig ever!

I give YGWIGS 5 stars for a job well done.

--Extremely satisfied customer

We love your stunning look, thank you so much for the positive feedback, welcome back to us again.

five star!

Love it !!
Easy and quick install

WOW, your baby is so cute, love her, and you looks so gorgeous, thank you so much, looking forward to your next visit.

Body and Texture is amazing!

Referred by MiyaLashae from YouTube, I am so pleased with this unit. It arrived as promised and was packaged exceptionally well. I love all the goodies included. The texture and body of this hair mimics my natural hair so well. It’s construction is awesome - the bad is thick and really allows the wig to be secured to your head comfortably. I will definitely be purchasing with you all again soon and maybe another one of this wig in a longer length!

Thank you so much, our dear friend, you look gorgeous, looking forward to serve you soon.

Great wig

Wig came well packaged and after washing curls looked really good and full. Only a small amount of shedding as shown in photo. Will buy a longer length once have more money. 😉 Fast shipping and was able to change from leopard to black headband, great company, good communication.

Thank you so much for the positive feedback, looking forward to serve you soon.

YG Wigs Rocks!

Finally got my unit today. Took a little over 2 weeks I guess cuz of China covid situation but I couldn’t be more happier. Unit barely had smell which is rare for wigs! Density was the 150 I ordered and my 16” length was accurate. Loose wave texture is silky and cowashing produced very little shedding. The lace parting on a hbw is new to me and although lace isn’t HD or anything, it can easily be made to look like real scalp with tinting spray or knots healer tape. Natural state of hair after washing is beachy waves but restyling is easy with flexirods, rollers, wand or curing iron. Leopard headband is all elastic with Velcro closure which makes wig feel more secure. I already plan on ordering other textures as these will def be my go to summertime units! Better get u one b4 they sell out! Ps. Came with awesome goodies too (headband, clips, comb, YG bag)

We are really appreciated your positive feedback, we will try out best to do better, and looking forward to your next visit.