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Just get them sis!!!

The hair was nice and didn’t have a bad smell. Easy to install, cute styling, ready to take down, I'm going to go longer next time.

Hello Jodeen, Thank you for your review. You perfectly explain what charm is!

I love this wig, salt and pepper color was perfect.
The fit is the best I have purchased.

Hello Ann, Thank you for your review. This wig is fit you very well. It seems so natural.Welcome back to us!


Hair matches my color and texture perfectly.

Hello Johnsona, Thank you for your review. We are happy to know that you love our wigs. Welcome back to us!

I highly recommend- I love this hair!!

I had to write this review because it’s deserving. Soft hair, minimum shedding and good thickness.

Hello Smitha, Thank you for your review. We are happy to know that you love our wigs. Welcome back to us!

I Like This

You can't feel it, they blend into my hair.

Hello Melanie, Thank you for your review. We are happy to know that you love our wigs. Welcome back to us!

Awesome hair and perfect fit

It fits so well ,after taking headband off I can wear it as a wig by blending my hair in front into it.
Also took coloring to silver perfectly and not only matched my hair but the hair and still soft and silky. Your company will be a go to for me .
Thank you so much .
Patty lee

Amazing, this color fits you perfectly! So gorgeous! Really appreciated your positive feedback, welcome back to us again.

Curly Style Non Lace Human Hair Wigs MM08

I bought this wig in silver/grey. It’s just what I was looking for! My own hair is silver/grey. It matches perfectly. I looked all over for stylist up-to-date gray wigs for older women. Just because I’m 68 I don’t want to look 68 , but I also don’t want to look 28. Please get more silver/grey pieces, such as pony tails. THANK YOU!

Thanks for your positive feedback, when you need again, welcome back to us.

Love it!

This has become my favorite wig! I love the bangs, but I cut them a little bit to fit my face better. I love the ease of this wig. I especially love the texture!
I actually just purchased another one of these wigs in a longer size. And I want to give this one a rest because I've been wearing it daily since I got it!

Thank you so much, Gwenette, this yaki wave wig really suits you, we will finish the new order ASAP. Thanks for your support.

These Ponytails Are My Babies

I LOVE these ponytails (I got two) they are both equally thick and full, no odd smells, absolutely minimal shedding and barely tangles. They look and feel just like blowdry straightened 4a to 4c hair. I would definitely purchase again but something tells me this good quality hair will last a while. Thank you YGwigs. 😊

Thank you, honey, looking forward to serve you soon.

My go to look!

This ponytail is everything and it blends well with my hair.

Yeah, it looks like your own hair. Thanks a lot for your sharing, can we post on our Instagram and Facebook?

Excellent quality

The description of the wig was accurate. I purchased it as birthday gift for a relative.
So I didn't brush it at all, just shook it out and placed it on top of a 30 inch vase for reference.
The rececipent was overjoyed and very pleased with the wig.

Thanks, honey, really appreciated your feedback, welcome back to us again.

Amazing Hair!!!

Love this wig! YG makes beautiful units. Couldn't be happier!!!

Really appreciated your positive feedback, we will try our best to do better, looking forward to serve you soon.

Love, Love, Love It!!!

The custom service offered by YG is top notch. I'm loving everything about this wig. They did exactly what I asked for and I got to see pictures before they sent it. Major plus!!! I'm very pleased.

Love you, honey, my goddess!

Banging edges!!!

These edges are so natural and blend so well with your scalp. You can’t even tell you wearing them. I would recommend this product. I just placed another order. That’s me and my son at his birthday dinner.

Can't believe that you looks so young, nearly same age with your son. The baby hair is natural that like your own hair, We are really appreciated your positive feedback.

A total babe!

This wig has made my everyday so much cute-er!…I love how easy it is to put on each morning before work, no fussing with glue…I adore the headband selection and being able to switch it up on the go to create a different vibe..I’ve had so many compliments. The hair is excellent!.. this wig is a must for my busy 9 to 5 sisters ;D

So gorgeous, honey! Looking forward to your next visit!


The wig is very well constructed. Hairline flawless. Minimal shedding. Will buy again.

Thank you, honey, you are so gorgeous, thanks for the picture, looking forward to your next visit.

Reusable HD lace baby hair edges

I love it and can’t wait to try it on

Thanks, honey, now we have many other new styles, welcome to our website to check them.


So I used to be a hair viví person, but I have been converted.

Here is why

* better prices
* option for customization
* fake scalp
* band
*easy for people who don’t know how to slay. I don’t even glue my wigs :D
* 26 inches without breaking the bank
* hair quality bomb
* cap construction fire

I got a size small, and it still has a little room

I washed it with Aussie conditioner, and put got2b invisible hair gel and let it Air dry.
And put some concealer on the part, that is it.

I paid for it my damn self lol jealous of anyone getting free wigs out there :D lol

I wanted color but know when curly hair is colored, it will shed a bit more because our natural hair does the same thing when It is bleach.

Overall I will buy again from them!

Honey, thank you soooo much for the picture and video, and really appreciated for the positive feedback. You are sooooo gorgeous, looks like a movie star, looking forward to serve you soon.

Love It

Super cute hair. Ended up wearing it with a middle part but was very happy with it. 3rd wig from here and always impressed.

Specs: 14 inch & 180 density!

Such a gorgeous girl, really appreciated your support to us, looking forward to serve you soon.

Great buy

I got so many compliments guys definitely buy this unit it's so beautiful and looks natural 😍 💕

Soooo beautiful, really great, thanks for your positive feedback, we also have many other styles, welcome back to our ewbsite to check them.


The wig had a funny smell when it first arrived but other than that, 10/10. The quality is crazy!!! The hair lasts so long and its really thick and the color is really pretty too. I'ma purchase soon again I really recommend this wig!!

Amazing, you look so stunning! Thank you so much for the comment and picture. And welcome back to us again.

13*6 Fashion Cute Curly Pixie Bob-PB07
BEEEUUTIFUL and truly natural looking, love it

Best wig ever so soft!

Look so gorgeous! We are appreciate your positive feedback, and lookinf forwatd to serve you soon.

Bomb wig

The lace and hair is immaculate making my next purchase immediately!

Thanks for the stunning look, looking forward to serve you soon.

Great wig

I’m so glad that I came across YGwigs website and bought this unit. I love this headband wig!! I bought the 16 inch. I washed it upon first receiving it and the wave pattern is so cute! I received a black headband and 2 yellow hair clips with my order which I’m so appreciative of! The packaging was cute. I look forward to purchasing more wigs from this company!!

Looks gorgeous! Thanks for your pictures and the positive feedback. Looking forward to your next visit.

I love this wig

When I saw the review Jessica did on this with like 2 years ago I had to get it. And I LOVE IT. I pull it out during the hotter months. It can be work in a messy curly look and I’ve also worn it in a more sleek wavy look. I still love it 2 years later.

Sooo sexy and stunning, really appreciated your feedback 2 years later, and thanks for your support to YGwigs. Now we have many new style wigs, welcome back to our website to check them.