How To Wear The Headband Wigs?

Here, Please check the guide of headband wigs installation:


Step1. correctly comb the headband wigs

For straight/body wave headband wigs, suggest using a wide-tooth, when comb hair, comb bottom at first, then comb from middle to the bottom, the last comb from top to the end. Curly styles, use fingers to through, don’t use combs.

Step 2. Make low ponytails.

Make a low ponytail, before wear to the headband wig, put the hair gel on the wig, use a comb to comb the hair from front to back little by little to form a low ponytail. the picture as follows:

Step 3. Wear headband wigs:

Wear a wig cap at first, when wearing the headband wig, 4 combs inside of the wig cap can help prevent slipping off. And there is an adjustable strap at the back of the wig that can adjust the size. Finally, after wearing the headband wig, you can use a brush to brush the baby's hair in front of the hair. For more details, please check the following video:

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