What is Skunk Stripe Wigs? - The Perfect Combination of Style

Skunk stripe wig is the perfect term to describe a wig that features one or two strips of hair in the center that is a different color than the rest of the wig. Skunk Stripe offers a unique and stylish option for those looking for a change, adding some personality look. 

What is Skunk Stripe

When it comes to the cute skunk(1), you may not have smelled his stink, but its black and white stripes will immediately come to mind. Yes, this stripe is its signature pattern.


In the animal kingdom, skin and hair color often have a unique role. Some are camouflage roles, and some are warning positions. While the skunk's black and white stripes do not have these roles, its function is somewhat unique, is to attract other animals to look at the source of its stink spray - the anus, so that its weapons have a higher hit rate.

Imagine a skunk encounters a dog trying to attack it, it scares the predator by arching its back and cocking its tail, but the dog doesn't flinch. Unluckily for the dog, its eyes are drawn to the skunk's two white stripes, and in a matter of seconds, the skunk reverses its butt and shoots a large amount of foul-smelling liquid from its anus that the dog has no time to avoid.

What is Skunk Stripe Wig

Recently skunk stripe wigs have taken the whole United States by storm. Skunk Stripe wigs are not a wig made using skunk hair but a wig with the image of skunk stripes. This wig's features are self-explanatory; the forehead has one or two bright contrast stripes. This stripe is called a skunk stripe.


Skunk Stripe Wig Features

Skunk stripe appears in many areas, and they have different meanings.
1. Transcendent: different, the best of its kind.
2. Personality: distinguish yourself from the crowd with a unique mark
3. Freedom: to do as one pleases, not to be swayed by others
4. Rebellious: going against the tide, not following the current.
5. Dual personality: a person's body has two distinct personalities, good and bad.
6. evil: the opposite of good.
For the general skunk, stripe wig is more of the front 1-3 good meaning. But black and white stripes have not-so-good intentions, and this impression is mainly from Lily Munster - the famous gothic vampire(2). So daily should avoid wearing a black and white striped wig.


Advantages of Skunk Stripe Wig

This wig has more advantages than a single hair color; the stripes can frame the face, visually highlight the wearer's face shape, and are more attractive to other people's eyes. So theoretically, if you wear a skunk stripe wig at a party, you will catch everyone's eye, making you the center of attention for the entire party. Of course, if you are on two personal dating, you can also ensure that his eyes will not leave your face; his eyes will only be on you; this is a natural law that no average person can escape.

How to Choose

You can select all skunk stripe wigs according to your preferences, and you do not need to pay special attention, except for the color black and white stripes. If you want to invest in one, you can pick one from our product collection. Thank you for reading, and we offer a special discount of 15% extra discount - SSW (only applicable to products in this collection, don't forget to use it at checkout).

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