What are lace headband wigs?

Lace headband wigs - Ygwigs proudly presents new wig styles!

Features of old-fashioned wigs

Headband wigs are machine-made and designed to be easy to wear. They have a headband attached to the front, making them suitable for outdoor activities and sports. They don't take a long time to install, making it easier for wig newcomers to wear. In addition, they cost less than lace front wigs.

Lace front wigs¹ are crafted by hand crochet work and machine work. They can part and blend into natural hairlines because of the hand-made Lace on the frontal. It makes the wigs look realistic and like it is growing from the wearer's head. Many people like lace front wigs, and we can create them according to their preferences to achieve their desired effect. For newcomers, lace front wigs can be challenging to put on, and they may have to visit a stylist to help them install them - which increases the cost of the wig itself. So, if you hurry to go out, a lace front wig may not be convenient because it takes some time to put on.

Features of Lace headband wigs

We've combined the best parts of headband wigs and lace front wigs and developed a brand new convenient and realistic-looking wigs – the lace headband wigs!

lace headband wigs | Ygwigs

As the name implies, the lace headband wigs have both the lace front wigs' lace structure and headband wigs' characteristics. They combine the advantages of both, saving installation time and money while still producing a natural and beautiful effect. Lace headband wigs have improved upon headband wigs by adding a frontal lace part, so wearers can part the wig and make the headband look more natural. The hairband is 3.5cm wide, making it easy to change headbands – allowing for more looks with one wig. The mesh cap is breathable and suitable for hot weather and athletic activities; this is an excellent choice for new wig wearers! We can wear the wigs straight out of the box- adjust and position the wigs. The Velcro headband can be adjusted to the wearer's head, making it easy for people of all head sizes.

lace headband wigs front and back

If you are in a hurry to go out shopping or to a party, take out our convenient and straightforward lace headband wig. Please put it on with your favorite hairband to get ready quickly. Also, it's a good choice even for fitness enthusiasts because of its breathability.

Whether you want to save time or money, they are the right choice. Please visit our online store lace headband wigs collection to choose more.

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