What is a T Part Wig, and Who is Suitable to Wear It?

Did you not quite understand why called T-part wig and its origins? And what characteristics does it have? Let's learn about it together.

Many wig types are available now, including headband wigs, lace front wigs, U-part / V part wigs, etc. In truth, T part wig is a small branch of the lace front wig, so It is also known as t part lace wig.


The ordinary lace front wig structure

The ordinary lace front wig structure consists of lace closure and hair weft; you will find that it generally has 13*6 or 5*5 prefixes, where the 13*6 and 5*5 prefixes represent the size of the lace closure. Currently,we produce the lace closures by hand, and machines cannot take over this work. So all other things being equal, the larger the size of the lace closure, the higher the cost of the wig, but it also allows people to make more shapes with the ability to split seams at will.


But some people don't like the idea of casual parting; they only prefer a medium or side parting and will always keep it that way. For them, the large lace closure size is a waste because they don't need casual parting. So, is there any ways to address this problem? Yes, creating the T part wig can effectively help with this problem.

What is the structure of the T part wig?


The T part wig structure

The T part wig's lace only appears where you need it; yes, the lace only appears at the hairline and parting. In some T part wigs, you will see prefixes like 13*6 or 13*1, representing their lace size, but they are different from the lace closure size on the lace front wig above.

The 13 here means the lace width at the hairline is 13inch, which is the same as the lace front wig. However, the 6 or 1 is different means with the lace front wig; they represent the lace size at the parting. The 6 here means the lace parting size from the hairline to the crown is 6 inches; The 1 here means the width of the lace at the parting is 1 inch. Please check these dimensions when purchasing a T part wig; if the lace size is 4*1, this will not satisfy users with high hairline requirements. All of the T part wigs on ygwigs are 13*6*1, which meets most people's needs.


How to choose

Another point, when buying a T part wig, please pay attention to the position of the parting slit. There are generally three positions: left parting, middle parting, and right parting. These positions are relatively fixed, and you can not change the left part to the right part, or the middle part , which will lead to an unnatural parting seam. Of course, it is possible to do a stylish backcomb without a parting.


So now you should understand what a t part wig is and how to choose it correctly. In brief, the T part wig is an affordable lace front wig; it is very suitable for specific parting hairstyles. Please remember to pay attention to the lace size and parting position when buying one.

Here are some excellent ideas.

1. Kinky Curly Side Part Bob-TP01

A black Elf, gorgeous and natural, like a boom on your head.

2. Highlight straight T part wig-TP11

Strawberry golden border outlines charming beautiful face.

3. Loose WaveT Part Wig-TP05

Playful, fashionable, and young, with a 100% return rate.

 Click here - for more good T part wig idear!

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