What is wig density?

Are you familiar with the term wig density but unfamiliar with its meaning?

When you buy wigs online, they are all marked with a parameter: wig density¹, such as 150% 180% or something like that. But when you try to figure out what these numbers mean, no one can tell you the exact meaning, including the seller. Strange.

what is wig density

Frustration with purchasing wigs

Have you ever had the experience that, You're like big hairs, so you go for the 180% or 200%, But when you got the wig, This wig is even thinner than your previous one? In your mind, maybe only 150%.

Have you noticed many websites increasing the density of wigs from 150% to 160%; Some sites also offer large density styles of 230% or even 260%. Why no one sells 100% density wigs?

So what's happening here? And today, let's talk about this.

Wig density to consumers

That is only a number. Yes, 150% and 200% 230% are only a number. In the early days, perhaps 100% represented the density of standard human hair, and 200% expressed two times the thickness of normal human hair. But now they are just numbers. Just like the grade of the hair from 3 4 5 8 to 9a 10a, this is only a number that doesn't mean anything.

Wig density to factory

Manufacturers usually use 150% or 180% mass production products. Many wholesalers purchase from the wig factory as 130%, 150%, and 180%, and they label it as 150%, 180%, or 200% or freely. 

It is also just a number for the factory only used for ordering. The main parameters in the production process are weight and length.

Genuine Uses

As we said above, wig density is only a number. Why is it still used a lot in daily life?

Have you ever noticed that some of your friends have fragile hair while others have particularly thick hair? The 150% density of thin hair may not be able to catch up with the 100% density of thick hair. Therefore, we need to know the wig density used to compare the same type of products; different factories and sellers have different standards.

Why not use weight instead of density? The weight is a suitable parameter in the factory, but only for raw hair materials. For consumers, weight parameters are not very friendly. Wigs have other accessories besides hair, wig cap, hair bands, etc. And different lengths, hairstyles weight is extra. Consumers sometimes want a wig just that looks a little thicker, right?

So, it is still a helpful parameter, but only in the same factory or seller.

How to pick the proper density?

Firstly, we need to know. The wig will have more thickness if the density is higher. Similarly, a fuller wig will have a higher density. So we recommend a high-density for long hair wig.

Secondly, breathability has little to do with density. It depends mainly on the wig cap and hairstyle design.

We suggest that customers don't care too much about the wig density when choosing a wig and don't need to compare among different sellers.

Wig density on Ygwigs

On our site, 150% density is the minimum density, other densities are encrypted with this standard. Of course you can also customize an affordable high-density wig to fit you.

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