How to Care for Crochet Braids When It Gets Raggedy

How to Care for Crochet Braids When It Gets Raggedy

Gurus Carol from YGwigs answers some questions about the care and maintenance of her boho knotless braids while untangling the knots.

While combing her hair, the video author answered fans' questions about the maintenance of boho knotless braids. She emphasized that this hairstyle is definitely high maintenance, but it's all worth it.
She uses a spray bottle to dampen her hair in sections, and she recommends using conditioner in her curls to soften them even more. She emphasized that curly hair is prone to tangles and requires special attention when caring for it.

How to Care for Crochet Braids

In this video, Brittney shows how to maintain her bohemian knotless braids (from YGWigs ). The braided part is synthetic, but the curly part is real hair. Brittney has been wearing this hair for over two weeks and it has some knots and tangles.
Brittney puts water and moss in a spray bottle. Brittney combs the tangles out with her fingers first, then sprays water through her hair, then combs through with the Tangle Teezer, sprays water again after combing through, and finally applies moss. Repeat this simple process until the entire hair is done.

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