How to Create Your Own Blonde Boho Braids and Save Big with YG Wigs

How to Create Your Own Blonde Boho Braids and Save Big with YG Wigs

The hair i am using➤ ➤ ➤ ➤ ➤ ➤
#613: 613 Blonde Deep Wave Bulk Human Hair
#27: Medium Blonde Bulk Hair
#4: Auburn Brown Bulk Hair
Hair Info: 24inch Deep Wave Bulk Braiding Human Hair

A comprehensive guide to creating your own blond knotless Boho braids using only human hair, as demonstrated by Claire Moy in her video featuring YG Wigs products.⏬
  • Claire Moy showcases her self-installed blond knotless Boho braids using YG Wigs' human hair bundles.
  • She explains her struggle with knotless braids and introduces an alternative technique using a crochet method.
  • The video details the use of various products provided by YG Wigs, like hair clips, accessories, and a tail comb.
  • Claire blends different colors of hair bundles to achieve a unique look and demonstrates the feathering technique for seamless braiding.
  • She emphasizes the importance of a small crochet hook for the knotless crochet method.
  • Tips on managing and maintaining the braids, including washing and using specific products to avoid tangling.
  • Claire concludes by showing different styles that can be achieved with the braids, emphasizing the versatility of the hairstyle.

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