How to Do Microloc Install on 4c Hair?

How to Do Microloc Install on 4c Hair?

When I tell y'all, this camera does not do justice to how thick her hair really is in person. It is so thick, but it's so beautiful. So I do include washes and blow-drys before I install. So this is her hair washed and blow-dried right after. This is a lot of hair to maintain, so that was one of the major reasons why my client went micro-locked.

A lot of people ask, do I twist all the way to the ends? I do twist all the way to the ends. It's just I might do a looser twist than normal. But, usually, I don't have any issues with unraveling. If I do, all I do is just twist it back.

When I do install, I don't use any products. And moving forward, my client's, the only product, the main product she will use is just water, which is crazy, but it works. To avoid any issues from occurring though, my client is gonna come back on a regular schedule and have a routine of getting her hair re-tightened every so often. So my associates that I have hired will maintain her hair for me. I'm gonna keep y'all updated all of my clients that come through just so y'all can see the progress of their hair.

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