How to choose bundles, closures and frontals when making wigs?

We currently only support four hair textures: straight, body wave, loose wave, and deep wave. In addition, only 10A bundles are in stock.

For example, choose several body wave bundles and a body wave closure if you want to make a body wave wig.

How to place an order for making wigs online.

Go to the bundles' product page below.

Straight bundles
Body wave bundles
Loose wave bundles
Deep wave bundles
Blonde straight bundles
Blonde body wave bundles
Str8 BW LW DW 613 Str8 613 BW

Str8: straight; BW: body wave; LW: loose wave; DW: deep wave.

  1. Pick your favorite hair length.
  2. Pick 10A (in stock at the Atlanta studio).
  3. Select the number of bundles, buy more save more.
  4. Choose the size of the wig cap.
  5. Add wig cap to cart.
  6. Choose closure (one wig only needs one).
  7. add closure to cart.
  8. Click add to cart and go to the shopping cart to checkout.

Recommended Length and Quantity Collocation

Each wig needs 1 closure and 2-5 bundles; the closure weighs 30-100g according to the length, and each bundle weighs 100±5g.

Closures Bundles
12" 2 bundles, up to 18"
14" 2 bundles, up to 20"
16" 2-3 bundles, up to 22"
18" 2-3 bundles, up to 24"
20" 3-4 bundles, up to 26"
22" 3-4 bundles, up to 28"
24" 4-5 bundles, up to 30"
26" 4-5 bundles, up to 40"

Currently, only 10A bundles are in stock in Atlanta, so please choose 10A bundles when choosing bundles.