7x7 HD Lace Closure Wig Deep Wave Natural Black
7x7 HD Lace Closure Wig Deep Wave Natural Black
7x7 HD Lace Closure Wig Deep Wave Natural Black
7x7 HD lace closure wig cap
Ygwigs 7x7 HD lace closure wig cap -1

7x7 HD Lace Closure Wig Deep Wave Natural Black

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The 7x7 Lace Closure Wig features a 7x7 inch lace closure. Users can achieve a more natural and larger hairline and parting than smaller lace closure wigs. It offers a better choice for those who need extra coverage area.

Product Details:

Hair No.: 7703

Hair Type: 100% Remy Human Hair

Cap Size: Medium (22.5''); others can be customized; please note in the order.

New Upgraded - 7x7 Glueless Wear Go Lace Closure

New upgraded 7x7 lace closure wig cap
Ensure the wig fits naturally on your head, providing a comfortable fit and natural look.
  1. 3D Fitting: The lace closure of the wig is designed to fit the shape of your head perfectly—no need for any tedious customization or adjustments.
  2. Extra Wide Anti-Slip Strap: Equipped with a wide strap featuring wavy PU stripes for enhanced grip, this wig stays secure and comfortable, simplifying adjustments and wear.
  3. Breathable Wig Cap: Lightweight materials promote air circulation, reduce head overheating and sweating, and provide all-day comfort
  4. Elastic band + PU anti-slip: It is comfortable to wear and exceptionally secure, allowing you to go about your day without worrying about the wig shifting or needing adjustments.
  5. 2-tooth Comb: This is an additional securing measure. These toothcombs ensure that the wig stays securely on the head and provide extra security and comfort.

*The cured PU glue is 100% safe and non-toxic, certified by the authority.

FAQs & Features Hub of of Ygwigs 7x7 HD Lace Closure Wig

YG HD 7x7 Lace Closure

Hairline pre-plucked, knots pre-bleached, Lace blends into skin.

They have multiple elastic adjustments and are very comfortable glueless wigs. Therefore, you can take it on and off whenever you want.

Lace frontal Large and deep, come with hairline pre-pluckedknots pre-bleached, and baby hair around. No plucking, no taping, no damage to your hairline, the lace melts in your skin and you can part it anyway as your preference, In other words, they are right out of the box.

  • Natural hairline and baby hair: It softly reduces the workload before wearing.
  • Super clear bleached knots: Ygwigs' new upgrade, professional bleaching formula, smaller and more natural knots, but the roots are as strong as before. (Only high-end human hair can do this process).
  • HD Swiss Lace: Our Swiss-imported HD lace offers an unparalleled seamless integration with the skin, ensuring a flawless and indistinguishably natural look.
YG 7x7 lace closure hairline pre-plucked, knots pre-bleached.

Ordinary Lace VS. Transparent HD VS. HD Swiss Lace

HD swiss lace > Transparent HD lace > Ordinary transparent lace.

Compared with ordinary lace, HD swiss lace is more advanced, has multiple functions, and can be well blended into the skin. The main difference between them is the thickness and light transmittance. The thickness of ordinary lace is more than 0.25 mm, while that of HD swiss lace is only 0.15 mm (nearly 50% thinner).

However, HD swiss lace does not have all advantages. They are relatively fragile, and they are not friendly to dyeing. It is easy to dye Lace together when dyeing hair. So we developed Transparent HD lace.

  • Transparent HD lace is more translucent and thinner than ordinary transparent Lace.
  • Transparent HD lace is more durable than HD Lace, has better dyeing performance, and will not pollute Lace.

Overall experience HD swiss lace > Transparent HD lace > Ordinary transparent lace.


The heavier the density of the wig, the more thickness the wig will be.

The heavier the density of the wig, the more thickness the wig will be. Likewise, higher density will result in a fuller wig.

The density listed on our page is 180%, which is the standard we have set. This density closely mimics the natural hair density of most people, offering a realistic and authentic appearance.

*If you need other densities, please contact us.

Hair Length

Choose the appropriate length you like.

Choose the appropriate length you like, our standard is the length from the top of the head to the end of the hair in a straightened state.

If you are not sure, please choose longer, shortening is much easier than extending, isn't it?

Cap Size

Standard and custom sizing instructions.

Cap size contains 6 sizes, Error within 0.5 inches is allowed. The circumference is the main size, if there are two or more different sizes, you need to provide us with all the sizes as the following chart, and we will customize the cap for you.

Tips: Medium is a regular size, Small and others need customization (Need extra 1-3 days, please contact us or note in the order).

Customized cap size will make the order into a custom order, refund requests other than quality problems are not accepted.

Shipping&Return Policy

Free shipping and 14-day return policy.

Free Shipping

We ship the goods via DHL\FedEx\UPS\USPS for free. (Order over $59)

Free standard shipping over $29 for USA and most other regions of the world.

The order delivery time is divided into two parts:

a. Processing time:

0-3 working days (Dying/ bleaching colors, doing textures, Increasing density need about 2-5 extra working days).

If you need urgent processing, please contact us in time.

b. Shipping time:

USA: 2-4 working days, Other Countries: 3-8 working days.

98% of customers can receive the goods within 15 days.

Return Policy:

Accept 14-day hassle-free returns, please contact us within 14 days after receiving your package. Contact email: sales@ygwigs.com.

For a complete and detailed introduction, please click on the link below:

👉Shipping Policy 👈

👉Return Policy👈

Free Gifts

Free gifts for lace wig.

We provide FREE gift packs for each order! (VALUE $25).

  • Storage bag*1
  • Spandex wig cap*2
  • Wig grip headband*1
  • Tangle release roller comb*1 (while supplies last)

How to choose between lace closure wig and lace frontal wig

What suits you is the best.

Lace closure wig and lace frontal wig are currently the most popular wig styles. They have some key differences in design and use, but each has its own advantages.

Lace Closure Wig

  • Definition: Lace closure wig usually has a smaller lace piece, such as 5x5 inches, 7x7 inches or 9x6 inches, located at the top of the wig.
  • Installation: Installation is relatively simple, Ygwigs uses the new wear go technology, no glue or adhesive is required.
  • Naturalness: Provides natural dividing lines, larger lace coverage such as 7x7 inches and 9x6 inches Lace closure wig, also provides greater flexibility.
  • Suitability: Ideal for daily wear, especially for those looking for low maintenance and simple installation. It is also very suitable for beginners to wear.
  • Protect the hairline: The size of the Lace closure wig at the hairline is smaller, the tension after installation is smaller, and the damage to the hairline will be smaller.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Typically cheaper than frontal wig.

Lace Frontal Wig

  • Definition: A Lace frontal wig usually has a larger piece of lace, such as 13x4 inches or 13x6 inches, that covers the entire hairline from ear to ear.
  • Installation: The installation process can be more complex and sometimes requires the use of glue or adhesives.
  • Naturalness: Provides wider coverage, allowing for a variety of hairstyles and partings.
  • Suitability: Suitable for those who want a more diverse look, especially for special occasions.

Overall, the main advantages of the lace closure wig are its simplicity, low maintenance, and cost-effectiveness, while the lace frontal wig offers more diverse styling options and wider hairline coverage. Which type to choose mainly depends on the user's personal needs and preferences.

Is the Lace at the hairline pre-cut or do I need to cut it myself?

You need to cut it yourself, but it can be installed without glue.

Since everyone's hairline is unique, it's important to customize the cut according to your specific needs. Our innovative 'wear and go' technology allows for easy installation without the need for glue, ensuring a comfortable and natural fit. Plus, this technology ensures that the hairline stays securely in place for a reliable and flawless appearance.

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