Auburn Brown Marley Hair Springy Afro Twist  #30 100% Human Hair 1
Auburn Brown Marley Hair Springy Afro Twist  #30 100% Human Hair 2
Auburn Brown Marley Hair Springy Afro Twist  #30 100% Human Hair 3

Auburn Brown Marley Hair Springy Afro Twist #30 100% Human Hair

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Springy Afro Twist hair can also be referred to as "Kinky twists" or "Marley twists." It is termed "Marley hair" due to its resemblance to the natural hairstyle of reggae singer Bob Marley.

This type of hair mimics the texture of natural African curls and is ideal for braided and twisted hairstyles. Hairstylists may use it for various styles such as twist outs, cornrows, crochet braids, and box braids.

Product Details:

Hair No.: SAT02

Material: 100% Virgin Hair

Package: 100g per Bundle

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    Can I braid my hair with Marley Hair?

    Yes, Marley Hair is a hair that is perfect for braids.

    This type of hair fiber is an excellent choice for creating various African hair braiding styles such as Twist-Outs, Braids, Locs, and more, thanks to its texture and appearance that mimic natural Afro hair. Braiding with Springy Afro Twist Marley Hair not only adds length and volume to your hairstyle but also achieves a natural and rich look.

    To braid with Springy Afro Twist Marley Hair, you can follow these basic steps:

    1. Choose a Style: Decide on the type of braids you want, such as single braids, three-strand braids, or crochet braids.
    2. Prepare the Hair: Ensure that both your natural hair and the Marley Hair are thoroughly cleaned and conditioned for smooth braiding and to minimize tangling.
    3. Section the Hair: Divide the Marley Hair into appropriate sections based on the desired size of your braids.
    4. Braid: Start intertwining the Marley Hair with your natural hair. Some techniques, like twisting before braiding, can help the Marley Hair blend better with your hair.
    5. Finishing Touches: After completing the braids, you can use some gel or spray to help set your hairstyle, making your braids look neater and last longer.

    Braids made with Springy Afro Twist Marley Hair are not only stylish but also provide additional protection, reducing damage to natural hair. Remember, while Marley Hair is relatively durable, proper care and maintenance are key to keeping your hairstyle looking its best.

    Can this hair be bleached and dyed?

    Yes, our Human Hair Marley Hair can be bleached and dyed.

    Since it's made from real human hair, it behaves much like your own natural hair when it comes to coloring processes. Here are some tips and explanations for achieving the best results:

    1. **Patch Test**: Always perform a strand test first. Apply the bleach or dye to a small section of the hair to see how it reacts and to ensure you're satisfied with the color outcome before proceeding with the entire batch.

    2. **Use Quality Products**: Invest in high-quality bleach and hair dye to minimize potential damage and achieve a more vibrant, lasting color.

    3. **Protect Your Workspace**: Use gloves and cover surfaces to protect against spills and stains. Bleach and dye can be damaging to fabrics and surfaces.

    4. **Apply Evenly**: For an even color, apply the bleach or dye thoroughly throughout the hair. Make sure each strand is well-coated for a uniform look.

    5. **Monitor the Process**: Keep an eye on the hair as it processes, checking the color regularly. Human hair reacts differently to chemicals based on its previous treatments and natural color, so processing times can vary.

    6. **Rinse Thoroughly**: Once you've achieved the desired color, rinse the hair thoroughly with lukewarm water until the water runs clear. This removes all chemical residues.

    7. **Condition Well**: After rinsing, apply a deep conditioning treatment to the hair. Bleaching and dyeing can be harsh, and a good conditioner will help restore moisture and elasticity.

    8. **Avoid Over-processing**: Be cautious not to over-bleach or over-dye the hair. Over-processing can lead to damage, breakage, and a diminished lifespan of the Marley Hair.

    Remember, while Human Hair Marley Hair offers the versatility of bleaching and dyeing, maintaining the integrity of the hair is crucial. If you're not experienced in coloring hair, consider consulting a professional hairstylist to achieve your desired results safely.

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