Lace Headband Wigs Loose Wave-LH01
Lace Headband Wigs Loose Wave-LH01
Lace Headband Wigs Loose Wave-LH01
Lace Headband Wigs Loose Wave-LH01
Lace Headband Wigs Loose Wave-LH01
Lace Headband Wigs Loose Wave-LH01
Lace Headband Wigs Loose Wave-LH01
Lace Headband Wigs Loose Wave-LH01
Lace Headband Wigs Loose Wave-LH01
Lace Headband Wigs Loose Wave-LH01
Lace Headband Wigs Loose Wave-LH01

Lace Headband Wigs Loose Wave-LH01

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Length (inch)
Lace Closure
*The default color of the headband is black. Other colors need to be noted in the order.

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a. Processing time:

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If you need urgent processing, please contact us in time.

b. Shipping time:

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Key Parameters 

Density-length-capsize are three important parameters of the wig, below we briefly explain how to trade-off.


The heavier the density of the wig, the more thickness the wig will be. Likewise, higher density will result in a fuller wig.

This is why we recommend a high-density for long hair wig (just a suggestion).

*If you need other densities, please contact us.

Hair Length:

Choose the appropriate length you like, our standard is the length from the top of the head to the end of the hair in a straightened state.

If you are not sure, please choose longer, shortening is much easier than extending, isn't it?

Ygwigs Hair Length Chart

Cap Size:

Cap size contains 6 sizes, Error within 0.5 inches is allowed. The circumference is the main size, if there are two or more different sizes, you need to provide us with all the sizes as the following chart, and we will customize the cap for you.

Tips: Medium is a regular size, Small and others need customization (Need extra 1-3 days, please contact us or note in the order).

Customized cap size will make the order into a custom order, refund requests other than quality problems are not accepted.

How to measure your wig size
# Item(in) S M
1 Circumference 21.5 22.5
2 Front To Nape 13.5 14.5
3 Side To Side 11 11.5
4 Ear To Ear 12 12.5
5 Temple To Temple 14 14.5
6 Nape Of Neck 5 5.5

Lace headband wig is a new wig category, that combines the advantages of the headband wig and the lace wig.

Product Details:

Hair No.:


Hair Type:

100% Brazilian Virgin Hair

Cap Size:

Medium(22.5''), others can be customized, please note in the order

Headband Color: The default is black, but you can also choose Alphabets-YG and Leopard. Please note in the order, or contact us.

Gurus Reviews:

Mona B. reviews YG Wigs' new lace headband wig, emphasizing its realistic look, secure fit, and versatility.⏬
  • (00:02) Introduction to YG Wigs lace headband wig.
  • (00:43) Comparison of traditional headband wigs to YG Wigs' lace version.
  • (01:19) Demonstrates wig preparation and hairline styling.
  • (02:28) Discusses the wig's natural look and texture.
  • (03:07) Showcases wig's versatility, including side part styling and ponytail.
  • (04:14) Shares thoughts on the wig, praising its realistic appearance.
  • (05:19) Highlights the snug and secure fit of the wig.
  • (06:18) Addresses the only drawback: the cheetah print band.
  • (07:13) Recommends viewers to check out the wig, providing positive feedback.

Jess reviews a unique headband wig from YG Wigs, emphasizing its easy application, realistic appearance, and versatility.⏬
  • (00:07) Introduction to the YG Wigs headband wig.
  • (00:55) Mentions extra items provided with the wig, including headbands and accessories.
  • (02:14) Describes the unique lace headband wig's details and features.
  • (03:01) Highlights the pre-printed band and realistic lace on the wig.
  • (04:45) Demonstrates wig application.
  • (05:25) Endorses the wig for its quality and effortless style.
  • (05:55) Recommends viewers to check the wig out and mentions an exclusive discount link in the description box.
  • (06:29) Praises YG Wigs as her favorite human hair company for their elevated headband wig design.

Ashley Bedeck collaborates with YG Wigs to present a lace headband wig, emphasizing its low maintenance, quality, and versatile styling options.⏬
  • (00:00) Ashley introduces the YG Wigs lace headband wig.
  • (00:30) Describes the available headband options: leopard print and black.
  • (01:00) Praises the wig for its easy install, quality, and natural appearance.
  • (07:17) Reiterates her fondness for YG Wigs' headband wigs and their unique lace feature.
  • (08:31) Highlights the benefit of interchangeable headbands for different looks.
  • (09:35) Notes how the lace creates a more natural illusion.
  • (10:42) Discusses additional accessories provided by YG Wigs.
  • (11:56) Ashley features in YG Wigs' manual and speaks positively about their regular collaborations.

YG Lace Headband Wigs:

  • Retains all the benefits of headband wigs

These wigs are no glue needed can be put on in 10 seconds. Therefore, they are very friendly for beginners. Additionally, they all built-in four combs; it is not easy to fall even if you exercise vigorously.

  • Upgrades the headband

The material of the headband has been upgraded, with better air permeability and slip resistance. Especially, the width of the headband is 3.5cm, which makes it more natural to install, and it is convenient to wear other styles of hairbands.

sweat-wicking Sweat-wicking: pulls moisture away, keeping you dry and cool.
non-slip Non-slip: non-slip materials keep the wig in place.
breathable Breathable: a comfortable fit and cool to the touch.
  • Combining the advantages of lace front wigs


The front lace allows you to part your hair in the middle for a more natural look and to do more hairstyles.

In brief, Lace headband wigs are suitable for everyone, experienced and beginners alike. They are also ideal for all occasions, for work, leisure, and sports.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Sandra Clarke
YG is far most the best hair I bought.

I have dyed my headband wig it came out excellent. I am 69 !

Hello, the hair fits you very well. We are 100% human hair, So, can dyed to the color you want. Thank you so much for your review. Welcome back to us!

A total babe!

This wig has made my everyday so much cute-er!…I love how easy it is to put on each morning before work, no fussing with glue…I adore the headband selection and being able to switch it up on the go to create a different vibe..I’ve had so many compliments. The hair is excellent!.. this wig is a must for my busy 9 to 5 sisters ;D

So gorgeous, honey! Looking forward to your next visit!

YG Wigs Rocks!

Finally got my unit today. Took a little over 2 weeks I guess cuz of China covid situation but I couldn’t be more happier. Unit barely had smell which is rare for wigs! Density was the 150 I ordered and my 16” length was accurate. Loose wave texture is silky and cowashing produced very little shedding. The lace parting on a hbw is new to me and although lace isn’t HD or anything, it can easily be made to look like real scalp with tinting spray or knots healer tape. Natural state of hair after washing is beachy waves but restyling is easy with flexirods, rollers, wand or curing iron. Leopard headband is all elastic with Velcro closure which makes wig feel more secure. I already plan on ordering other textures as these will def be my go to summertime units! Better get u one b4 they sell out! Ps. Came with awesome goodies too (headband, clips, comb, YG bag)

We are really appreciated your positive feedback, we will try out best to do better, and looking forward to your next visit.

Janice Bradley

I am thrilled with this product! I love the quality of the hair.

Thank you so much that you love our wig, now we updated lace headband wig, lace size is 4x4, welcome back to us to try it.

Emerald Holdman
An upgrade from the traditional headband wig

I am absolutely in love with this wig. It’s convenient and easy to maintain. There is minimal shedding and tangling if you take care of it properly. I’m definitely going to order another unit so I can be hot girl summer ready!

Wow, you are so beautiful and hot with it, and thank you so much for the positive feedback. Now we have many new styles, welcome back to our website to check.

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