613 Blonde Loose Wave Bulk Human Hair BU05
613 Blonde Loose Wave Bulk Human Hair BU05
613 Blonde Loose Wave Bulk Human Hair BU05
613 Blonde Loose Wave Bulk Human Hair BU05

613 Blonde Loose Wave Bulk Human Hair BU05

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Need a braid hairstylist?

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Our virgin bulk hair uses higher-grade hair, which is consistent in thickness from root to end, with only a few short hairs. They are fuller, fluffy, not easy to tangle and shed, and have a long service life—a good choice for braids.

Product Details

Hair No.: BU05
Hair Type: Cambodia Virgin Hair
Hair Color: 613 Blonde
Weight: 100g/Pack

FAQs & Features Hub of Bulk Human Hair

How many bulk hair bundles do I get when I purchase one quantity from your website?

Each quantity you select and purchase refers to one bulk hair bundle.

Our product images might show three bundles to better showcase the style and quality of the hair. However, these images are for display purposes only. If you wish to order multiple hair bundles, you can easily increase the quantity of your purchase on the product page. Each increment in quantity corresponds to an additional hair bundle. For example, selecting a quantity of '3' means you will receive three individual hair bundles in your order.

Some Useful Tips for Braiding with Bulk Hair

When using bulk human hair to braid, there are several factors that you should pay attention to.

When using bulk human hair to braid, there are several factors that you should pay attention to:

  • Hair Prep: Your natural hair should be cleaned and conditioned before braiding. This will ensure it is in good condition and looks as natural as possible.
  • Matching Hair: The color and texture of bulk hair should match your natural hair as closely as possible unless you want a contrasting look. A mismatch can make braids look unnatural.
  • Braiding Technique: Braiding requires skill, and braiding too tightly can cause tension headaches and even traction alopecia (hair loss due to stress on the hair). It's usually a good idea to have a professional braid your hair, especially if you're new to it.
  • Hair Care: Regular care is required to keep your hair and scalp healthy after braiding. This includes regular washing (be mindful of the scalp underneath the braid), moisturizing, and not letting the braid sit on for too long. It is generally recommended to remove or redo braids after 6-8 weeks to prevent hair and scalp damage.

Remember that everyone's hair is different, so what works best for one person may not work well for another. It's always a good idea to consult a professional stylist to find the best methods and products for your particular hairstyle and needs.

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Is this hair suitable for braiding styles such as goddess locs or knotless braids?


This bulk hair is 100% Cambodian virgin human hair; it can be braided into different styles according to your preferences, such as goddess locs, knotless braids, bohemian braids, shawl hair, ponytail, and so on.

Double Drawn Hair vs Single Drawn Hair

Clear comparison.

Double drawn and single drawn hair refer to two types of hair, each with its own characteristics and advantages.

Single Drawn Hair: The strands are of varying lengths, as they are naturally grown. This results in hair extensions that are thick at the top and taper down towards the end, closely mimicking the natural hair's appearance. Single drawn hair tends to be more affordable and offers a more realistic and natural look. However, the varying lengths may make the hair appear less voluminous and thinner towards the ends.

Double Drawn Hair: Double drawn hair is processed to ensure that most of the hair strands are of the same length. This is achieved by removing shorter hairs and aligning the hair ends. The result is hair that is equally thick from top to bottom, providing a fuller and more voluminous appearance. Double drawn hair is often more expensive due to the additional processing it undergoes. It’s preferred for its thickness and uniformity, making it ideal for those seeking a fuller hair look.

In summary, single drawn hair offers a more natural, tapered look and is more affordable, while double drawn hair provides a fuller, more uniform look but at a higher cost. The choice between the two depends on personal preference and the desired final look.

Single Drawn: About 25% full-length sized hair + 75% short hair.
Double Drawn: About 50% full-length sized hair + 50% short hair.
Super Double Drawn: About 80% full-length sized hair + 20% short hair.

Can these 613 hair be dyed?

Yes. They can be dyed.

613 Human Hair's light base color provides an excellent canvas for dyeing in a variety of bright or dark colors (with a blonde base that reflects light). The following are some common colors dyed with 613:

Pink: From light pink to peach, represents tenderness and romance.
Blue: From sky blue to deep ocean blue, represents calm and stability.
Purple: from lavender to deep purple, represents luxury and mystery.
Green: From soft mint green to bright grass green, represents growth and harmony.
Red: Represents passion and energy - from light orange to deep burgundy.
Gray/Silver: If you want a cool, futuristic color, gray or silver are great choices that represent neutrality and modernity.
Rainbow colors: represents diversity and hope.

Additionally, another important factor to consider when dyeing your hair is the type and quality of the dye. Using semi-permanent or permanent dyes results in longer-lasting, more vibrant color, but also requires more maintenance. In addition, you need to use products suitable for hair color care after dyeing to maintain hair health and long-lasting color.

Can these 613 hair be bleached?

Yes, but not recommended.

Our 613 human hair, bleached from virgin hair, is a very light blonde, almost white, and is at the end of the bleaching process. Further bleaching may not result in much color change and may also increase the risk of hair damage.

If you think 613 human hair looks a little yellow, you can use some color-correcting products instead of bleaching to adjust the tone. For example, a purple conditioning shampoo can help neutralize yellow tones and make hair look whiter and brighter. If you do want to try further bleaching 613 human hair to achieve an extreme white or prepare to dye it to other extremely light colors, it is highly recommended to do it by a professional and make sure to use a low-damage bleach suitable for fine hair types and do it thoroughly hair care.

In conclusion, although 613 human hair can theoretically be bleached, the necessity and risks of doing so need to be carefully weighed given its already very light color. Given the potential risk of damage, it is safer to use tinting products to improve or change color, or seek professional hairdresser advice for best results.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Mansitan Sow
Impressive Hair

I’m sooo impressed by the quality of this hair! The bundles were full and the hair is soft and easy to handle!!! I’ve had it in for a week (last photo) and the hair isn’t frizzy. I purchased 4 colors including 613 of the loose wave to achieve this ash blonde and hand blended.
YG’s customer service is unmatched.

Hello Mansitan, Thank you so much for your review. This mixed color is fit you very well. Beautiful hair, Beautiful you!

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