Box Braids Crochet with Human Hair Curls
Boho Knotless Box Braids Crochet with Human Hair Curls
Box Braids Crochet with Human Hair Curls
Box Braids Crochet with Human Hair Curls
Box Braids Crochet with Human Hair Curls
Box Braids Crochet with Human Hair Curls
Box Braids Crochet with Human Hair Curls
Box Braids Crochet with Human Hair Curls
Box Braids Crochet with Human Hair Curls
Box Braids Crochet with Human Hair Curls
Box Braids Crochet with Human Hair Curls
Box Braids Crochet with Human Hair Curls
Box Braids Crochet with Human Hair Curls

Boho Knotless Crochet Box Braids with Human Hair Curls Deep Wave

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20 sticks/pack, 6 packs for full head

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The length of hair extensions on Ygwigs is based on straight hair.



Ygwigs' boho knotless box braids crochet is an innovative braid that combines synthetic and human hair curls. This product combines tangle-free braids and human hair curls for easy, natural, stylish hairstyles.

Product Details

Hair No.:BB01
Quantity: 20 strips per pack
Hair Color: #1B
Free Gifts: Latch hook*2

Length Human hair proportion Weight
14'' 25g About 55g
18'' 33g About 76g
24'' 40g About 115g
30'' 47g About 125g

*For the full look, about 4 to 6 packs are needed.

Gurus Reviews:

Quick and easy Human hair crochet braids DIY at home ft ygwigs

The YouTuber EBONYJAY demonstrates how to install crochet braids using human hair and synthetic blend braiding hair. She showcases two different installation methods, one for achieving a seamless look and another for a more individual braid style. The YouTuber highlights the convenience and affordability of these crochet braids, which can be reused and styled in various ways.

  • 00:02, the YouTuber introduces the video, sponsored by ygwigs, showcasing crochet reusable braids that can be used for up to 12 weeks.
  • 01:17, she explains the first installation method, involving creating plaits and using a crochet needle to secure the braids, ensuring a seamless look.
  • 03:22, she demonstrates the easy removal process of these reusable crochet braids.
  • 03:58, the YouTuber discusses the hair's composition, featuring synthetic blend braiding hair and human hair for a boho style.
  • 04:31, she begins the second installation method for the front of her hair, creating the appearance of individual braids.
  • 09:08, she details how to install the crochet braids by going downward into the part, achieving a natural and flat look.
  • 10:30, the YouTuber advises using smaller braids at the front for a seamless appearance.
  • 14:09, she shares her overall satisfaction with the crochet braids, emphasizing their ease of installation, affordability, and stylish appearance.

DIY Fulani Crochet human hair boho braids (Detailed tutorial) YG Wigs

The video features a tutorial by Chrino Vic on achieving a neat, long, and full braid style using YG Wigs' crochet braiding hair. The tutorial highlights the ease, speed, and quality of using crochet human hair for a stylish look.

  • (00:55) Kovic presents a new style achieved in 4 hours using crochet human hair from YG Wigs.
  • (02:35) She praises the softness and neat braiding of the provided hair, asserting it's worth the cost due to its quality and reusability.
  • (03:03) Demonstrates her braiding pattern for crochet and the process of creating "fani" braids at the front.
  • (06:52) Tutorial on installing the crochet braids, emphasizing the simplicity and time-saving aspect of this method.
  • (09:08) Shares the fullness achieved with three packs of hair, showing the seamless blend with the front braids.
  • (10:58) Reflects on the efficiency and satisfaction with the style achieved in a much shorter time compared to traditional methods.
  • (12:26) Stresses the reusability and versatility of the crochet braids, highly recommending the product, and promising to link it below the video.

Our New Products VS. Traditional Hand Braided Hair

New Traditional
Installation time <1.5 hours 3-5 hours
Reusable Yes No

How to install

Step 1: Cornrow your hair. About 10-12 braids should do it.
Step 2: Push it through a braid using your crotchet latch (make sure it's closed). Step 3: Grab one strand of your hair and make sure the end loop is open wide.
Step 4: Hook the loc onto the end of your crochet latch, close it, and slide it through. Step 5: Once the loc is pulled, slide back through the loop, pulling tight, forming a knot. Step 6: Continue until your entire head is covered in crochet hair.

How to maintain

  • Regular Cleaning: You can use a spray bottle to mix shampoo and water, gently spray on the hair and scalp, and then massage gently. Under the shower, rinse your hair with warm water to remove all shampoo. Finally, lightly apply some conditioner to your hair and rinse again.
  • Moisturize: Use an alcohol-free moisturizing spray or oil, such as coconut or Moroccan oil, to hydrate your hair and scalp regularly.
  • Overnight protection: Use a silk or satin turban to wrap your braids while you sleep to avoid friction and tangles.
  • Avoid high temperatures: Avoid direct use of hair dryers, perming irons, or other hot tools that are too hot.
  • Avoid heavy items: Avoid adding heavy hair beads or cuffs to your braids to avoid stress on your scalp and natural hair.
  • Avoid prolonged wear: To protect the health of your natural hair and scalp, replacing it every 3-4 weeks is recommended.

Following the advice above, you can ensure your Crochet Box Braids look neat and maximize their lifespan.

How to remove

  1. Find the Knot: Identify the knot where the braid connects to the cornrows underneath.
  2. Part your hair: Use bobby pins or your fingers to separate and secure your natural hair from your braided extensions.
  3. Cut off (if not reusing): If you don't want to reuse, you can just cut off the ends to make the removal process easier. Be careful not to cut your natural hair.
  4. Undo the braid: Use a crochet hook and insert it under the loop/knot of the braid. Gently pull the ends of the braid through the loop to free them from the cornrows.
  5. Pull out the braids: Once undone, gently pull the braids away from the cornrows. It should slide out easily.

Repeat this process for each braid until all braids have been removed. Remember to be careful and gentle throughout the process to avoid damage to your natural hair.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Jodeen Graham
Just get them sis!!!

The hair was nice and didn’t have a bad smell. Easy to install, cute styling, ready to take down, I'm going to go longer next time.

Hello Jodeen, Thank you for your review. You perfectly explain what charm is!

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