Double Drawn Deep Wave Bulk Human Hair For Braiding BU03
Double Drawn Deep Wave Bulk Human Hair For Braiding BU03
Double Drawn Deep Wave Bulk Human Hair For Braiding BU03
Double Drawn Deep Wave Bulk Human Hair For Braiding BU03
Double Drawn Deep Wave Bulk Human Hair For Braiding BU03
Double Drawn Deep Wave Bulk Human Hair For Braiding BU03
Double Drawn Deep Wave Bulk Human Hair For Braiding BU03
Double Drawn Deep Wave Bulk Human Hair For Braiding BU03
Double Drawn Deep Wave Bulk Human Hair For Braiding BU03
Double Drawn Deep Wave Bulk Human Hair For Braiding BU03
Double Drawn Deep Wave Bulk Human Hair For Braiding BU03
Double Drawn Deep Wave Bulk Human Hair For Braiding BU03
Double Drawn Deep Wave Bulk Human Hair For Braiding BU03
Double Drawn Deep Wave Bulk Human Hair For Braiding BU03
Double Drawn Deep Wave Bulk Human Hair For Braiding BU03

Double Drawn Deep Wave Bulk Human Hair For Braiding BU03

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The length of hair extensions on Ygwigs is based on straight hair.



Our double-drawn bulk hair uses higher-grade hair, which is consistent in thickness from root to end, with only a few short hairs. They are fuller, fluffy, not easy to tangle and shed, and have a long service life—a good choice for braids.

Product Details

Hair No.: BU03
Hair Type: Cambodia Virgin Hair
Hair Color: Natural Black
Weight: 100g/Bundle

Gurus Reviews:

How To: Bohemian Knotless | Detailed| Beginner Freindly| YG Wigs Deep Wave Human Hair

The Youtuber DOPEaxxPANA, provides a detailed and beginner-friendly tutorial on how to create large Bohemian knotless braids using YG Wigs Deep Wave Human Hair.

  • (00:00) Dubass pan is excited to share a tutorial on boho knotless braids, sponsored by YG Wigs.
  • (00:53) YG Wigs sent three packs of deep wave human hair, combs, clips, and tools for microlinks.
  • (01:26) Dubass pan demonstrates prepping the hair by adding product to minimize messiness.
  • (02:20) The tutorial begins with sectioning the client's hair and starting with the bottom section.
  • (03:17) Dubass pan explains the prep method and introduces her own braiding hair line, "the dope collection."
  • (04:15) The first piece of human hair is added after three small braiding pieces.
  • (05:08) Different ways of adding the boho pieces are shown, with emphasis on braid fullness.
  • (06:34) Dubass pan discusses the wet and dry look of the braid.
  • (07:02) The products used for braiding are highlighted.
  • (08:02) Tips for ensuring all braids are the same size are provided.
  • (09:33) The transition from using a comb to a clip for anchoring human hair is explained.
  • (10:03) The value of the different bundles of hair from YG Wigs is discussed.
  • (11:06) Dubass pan emphasizes the importance of using 100% human hair for boho styles.
  • (11:35) Recommendations for maintaining the boho braids are given.

The best human hair for Knotless bob with curls ft YGWIGS

The YouTuber showcases the process of achieving a boho braid bob style using human hair from YGWIGS. She demonstrates how to braid the hair, explains the benefits of purchasing a complete set from YGWIGS, and shares tips and techniques for achieving the perfect bob style.

  • (00:00) YGWIGS sends a box with all the necessary items for boho braids.
  • (00:50) The YouTuber tapers the ends of the braiding hair for a bob style.
  • (01:24) A complete set from YGWIGS costs $34.90, offering good value.
  • (02:06) Demonstrates two ways to add bulk hair into the knotless braid.
  • (03:35) Suggests starting from the back and then moving to the front for easier braiding.
  • (05:00) Explains the placement of human hair pieces in the braid.
  • (08:09) Recommends dipping the ends into boiling water and using specific perm rods for curls.
  • (09:34) Shows the final result of the hairstyle and praises YGWIGS.
  • (11:12) Describes the hair as soft, luscious, and perfect for various styles.

Super full Boho braids with good human hair | ft ygwigs

Chrino Vic showcases a braid style with curls using YG Wigs' human hair, sharing the process from hair prep to braiding and maintenance, emphasizing hair quality and care.

  • (00:33) Introduces YG wigs' deep wave bulk human hair, appreciating the packaging and hair quality.
  • (02:12) Demonstrates the braiding process, mentioning products used and sharing tips for achieving a fuller look.
  • (04:45) Explains how placing curly pieces close together contributes to a fuller appearance.
  • (07:33) Shares before and after dipping the braids in hot water, emphasizing the fluffy yet full look of the hair.
  • (08:08) Discusses maintenance using a mixture of conditioner and water, praising human hair's manageability.
  • (10:07) Recommends YG Wigs for human hair, sharing personal satisfaction with the hair quality and final look.
  • (10:40) Advises against using mousse on human hair as it leads to crunchiness, emphasizing the importance of proper care for longevity.

BOB BOHO BOX BRAIDS | Extreme Tuck Braid To Hide Fire Red Natural Hair In Jet Black Braids | YGWIGS

In this video, Candy demonstrates how to create Boho Box Braids in Bob length using human hair from YG Wigs. She unboxes the packaged hair and accessories, praises the hair quality, and proceeds to showcase the process of achieving the Boho Box Braid style on a model with fire red hair, which presents a challenge as the hair used for braiding is jet black.

    • (00:01) Candy introduces the Boho Box Braids style and unboxes the YG Wigs human hair and accessories.
    • (01:27) She mentions using additional braiding hair from Bobby Boss and begins the braiding process by cutting the human hair for the desired Bob length.
    • (02:05) Highlights the challenge of tucking in the model’s red hair to blend with the black braiding hair.
    • (02:52) Demonstrates the process of integrating the curly hair into the braids to achieve the Boho style, emphasizing on achieving the desired braid thickness.
    • (04:55) Continues the braiding process, adding in curly pieces at various points along the braid.
    • (06:21) Discusses the tucking technique to conceal the red hair color, making it appear black from the top view.
    • (09:34) Nears the end of the braiding process, reiterating the softness and quality of YG Wigs hair.
    • (11:13) Recommends checking out YG Wigs for a variety of hair types and styles.
    • (12:20) Finalizes the style by trimming the ends, applying a warm towel to relax the braids, and using mousse to pop the curls.
    • (13:00) Shows the final look, mentioning the transformation from fire red to black braids, and encourages viewers to subscribe and comment on the video.

Double Drawn Hair vs Single Drawn Hair 

single drawn hair vs double drawn hair
Hair Type Hair Volume
Single Drawn About 25% full-length sized hair + 75% short hair
Double Drawn About 50% full-length sized hair + 50% short hair
Super Double Drawn About 80% full-length sized hair + 20% short hair

Some Useful Tips for Braiding with Bulk Hair

When using bulk human hair to braid, there are several factors that you should pay attention to:

  • Hair Prep: Your natural hair should be cleaned and conditioned before braiding. This will ensure it is in good condition and looks as natural as possible.
  • Matching Hair: The color and texture of bulk hair should match your natural hair as closely as possible unless you want a contrasting look. A mismatch can make braids look unnatural.
  • Braiding Technique: Braiding requires skill, and braiding too tightly can cause tension headaches and even traction alopecia (hair loss due to stress on the hair). It's usually a good idea to have a professional braid your hair, especially if you're new to it.
  • Hair Care: Regular care is required to keep your hair and scalp healthy after braiding. This includes regular washing (be mindful of the scalp underneath the braid), moisturizing, and not letting the braid sit on for too long. It is generally recommended to remove or redo braids after 6-8 weeks to prevent hair and scalp damage.

Remember that everyone's hair is different, so what works best for one person may not work well for another. It's always a good idea to consult a professional stylist to find the best methods and products for your particular hairstyle and needs.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Love this hair!

I ordered this hair for a my bohemian knotless braids and they were perfect. The curl pattern is beautiful and the hair is very full. I only needed 2 bundles for my entire head. I sleep with a braid bonnet so when I wake up in the morning all I do is use a spray bottle with just water (my braider added mousse with my initial style so I want to minimize adding products) and a little lightweight coconut oil and boom - curls are as good as new. There is a little tangling but it literally comes out with my water and oil combo in a flash. If you've ever worn a deep wave wig or sew-in then you'll know what I mean. I will definitely order again.

Hello Angie, Thank you for your review for our bulk hair. Yes, our bulk hair is full and with high quality. Because it is 100% human hair. And the deep wave texture you purchased is best selling. Welcome back to us!

Good hair!

This isn’t a scam yall, you can go ahead and order. I ended up ordering the double drawn hair for a bit more fullness. I used this for boho knotless braids and the quality of the hair is still perfect after a month. Just make sure you do maintenance on your hair and twist it up at night to prevent any possible tangles.

Hello, Thank you for your review. Our double drawn hair is fully enough. The hair we do is 100% human hair. So, the quality is very high. We upgrade some new colors for our bulk.Welcome back to us if you have any needs.

Sheena Sledge

Nice soft hair. Works great and looks great with braids. Great choice

Hello Sheena, Thank you so much for your review. Our double drawn hair bulk is fully and high quatliy. Beautiful wig, beautiful you! Welcome back to us!

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